Thursday, August 15, 2013

This is great.

If you are Mom...or a mama-to-be in your belly or heart... or if you are one of those people who pass judgement on others....check this out! Funny!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

17 months old!

Well folks, another month has passed and my little one is 17 months old!! Eeeek!

She's been up to things like peeing hearts as shown below. Talent, I tell ya.

While changing her diaper she peed! And when I picked her up this is what I saw! A perfect heart. Too funny.

Our little girl is quite busy! She is constantly on the go and learning about the world around her. Still a peanut. Not sure about weight and height (we have an appt next month and Im guessing she weighs 19 lbs) but she is in 12-18 month (a lot of times size 12th pants and 18 mth shirts!) clothes, size 3 shoes and will be going into size 4 diapers next week maybe. Lots of little chompers! She is starting to grow some hair! Still rebels against the headband but thankfully I've been able to put a little clip in! And she doesn't take them out because I don't think she realizes its there! Yes! :) 

She jabbers away all the time, but only a handful of clear words. Our favorite is "Abby!" She loves my parent's dog. Her name is Abby and Sam gets so excited when she is around her! And she walks around yelling at the dog "Abby! Abby!" It's too freakin cute. 

Food hasn't changed much. She is obsessed with those melts, fruit, peas, beans, greek yogurt, cheese, pasta and muffins! haha She still isn't a fan of meat. Still on the soy milk as well.

And sleep that hasn't changed much either. It's still a work in progress. I bought her these pajamas the other day...

She absolutely LOVES being outside!!! She is happiest outside and walking around checking everything out! Although, she does love downtime too and is still a big fan of Barney and Sesame Street.

We just love her to pieces. She is getting so big and I wish it would slow down a bit. 

Oh, and she's also learned to flush the toilet. Good times.

I'll leave you with a few photos....