Friday, May 29, 2015

Carter turns ONE!

Our handsome little guy turned ONE on May 14th!! Can't believe it....

And he started walking a week before his birthday!! He keeps me on my toes :) On his actual birthday we went to Indian Ladder Farms with my Mom to check out the baby animals! It was a great day. And then last weekend we had a small BBQ
with family and friends to celebrate! We went with a golf theme :)

Since I am (once again) too tired to actual blog all my thoughts about this huge milestone and all the happenings in the lives of Samantha and Carter. Here is a classic photo

We are getting ready to move this weekend! Not too far...same town...but I am completely overwhelmed with packing and all things moving related! :) Plus, my poor boy is cutting all of his molars right now at once!!!

Little mommies! So concerned about Baby Sierra!

Lunch table gossip


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My newest "niece" sweet Sierra!
  • Petting a baby bunny
Mother's Day
First time in the baby pool!