Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baby for Sale

Baby #2 announcement

Wow, have I been slacking or what! Things are going well so far with this pregnancy. I am about 9 weeks. Done with the fertility clinic and go to the OB next week! Been nauseous here and there. I'll go a few days feeling sick and then I'll have a good day once in awhile.

Totally missed Sam's 19 month post! She is doing so well :) I've really been try to cuddle her more and play with her more lately. She's really been into books, Mickey/Minnie Mouse and loves playing outside! I just can't get enough of her. I can't believe she will be a big sister soon. Blows my mind. She's still such a peanut herself! She went to the doc recently and weighs 19.3 pounds. 29 inches. Still not on the charts but following her curve. Her head is in the 95 percentile though. Big head! haha She's smart, that's all. ;) 

I promise to try and be better at updating!!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Little Heart

We saw the flicker of a heartbeat to day!!!! :) I am 6 weeks 2 days. Due on May 28th.

We got back next Friday for another ultrasound. And if all goes well, we are off to the OB...

Oh and ALL DAY nausea has kicked in.

But I know it's just a small price to pay for this little miracle.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Baby #2 update

Things are moving SLOWLY. But we are still hopeful and praying all the time! Monday night I had some spotting and some cramping. But it went away. I was still freaked out and called the clinic first thing in the morning for an appointment. Thank God things were okay. They think the spotting was from the crinone which can irritate your cervix. Last week we had our first ultrasound and we weren't expecting to see much as it is super early. But thankfully we saw a gestational sac. I will admit I was hoping to see a yolk sac too so I wouldn't have to stress all week until my second ultrasound. Then yesterday at my "emergency" ultrasound after the spotting they saw a gestational AND a yolk sac! So I was relieved! We go back Friday for another ultrasound.

I must say, this does not get any easier. The stress of betas and ultrasounds and sacs and heartbeats!! I am my own worst enemy! Yes, I could have gone to my OB first where I wouldn't be so closely monitored. But I think that would have stressed me more. I just feel we were given such a gift that it would be so heartbreaking to lose it.

My beta on Tuesday was 12,244.6. My numbers have been great this whole time. So we are hopeful. It's still very early and I have to be patient and give up my worries to the big guy upstairs...

Thank you to everyone for the congrats on the last post :) Years later in this blog community and the love and support is still strong :) Thank you!!!