Thursday, August 14, 2014

Carter is three months old!!!

Goodness gracious (Samantha's new fave phrase!) I can't believe our little guy is 3 months already! Seriously, the time has FLOWN by.

He is getting so big! I have to say he is definitely a Momma's boy right now. He and I are in love. ha ha. He loves smiling at his momma! And I have NO complaints about that :) He's about 12 pounds! Eats 4 1/2-5 oz every 3 (sometimes 2 1/2 hours). Sleeps through the night sometimes! His sleep pattern is inconsistent. He'll go a few days sleeping through the night to getting up once. Which we can definitely handle! He's recently found his hands and loves to suck on them and loves to tell us stories lately! He does take a binky but he doesn't seem obsessed with it or anything. Tummy time is not his idea of a good time. lol. Although, he is trying very hard to roll over already! He almost has it down!

He's also had blocked tear ducts for over a month now. It can get pretty goopy and gross but after seeing the eye doc, we just have to keep using the ointment and warm washcloth compressions. She said most cases clear up by one years old! And if it doesn't they may do a procedure to probe his tear ducts. Which she said can be a risky so Im hoping this just clears up! I think I told you guys he has a hemangioma on his belly? Samantha has a huge one on the back of her neck when she was  a baby which had to be removed. His is smaller and I think is slowing down in growth. So hopefully we wont have to go the surgery route with him! My friend is actually giving us a essential oil concoction to try on it! So Im excited to see if that works.

Nicknames to note: Biggie Smalls, Wubster, Buster Brown, Bubba. And the way Samantha says his name is so cute and makes us laugh...she pronounces it "Car-terre" She sounds French lol

Samantha is getting so big too! The big sis. I still cant believe it. She's just so smart and spunky! I love my girl! However lately she is throwing a lot of tantrums and hitting us and Carter :( It's been tough. I know part of it is just being two and testing the limits and the other part is a bit of jealousy of her baby brother. Im hoping this phase passes sooner than later! Most of the time she is so sweet and funny and just awesome! But oh boy, the tantrums and stuff are TOUGH. Sam is still loving OUTSIDE. This girl hates to be indoors! She always wants to "Go play!" I dread rainy days. She also loves mimicking everything I do with Carter. If I feed him, she feeds her baby too! If I change him she changes her baby too! And she has been super into reading lately! I love catching her just sitting in her room "reading" books to herself :)

She also has gone pee pee on the potty 5 times! We sit on the potty a lot, but sometimes she is just not interested! But we are getting there :)

Life has been a whirlwind with two kids!! Mommy brain is in full effect :)
Here are a few pics of the kids!!!!