Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flash Forward

The past two weekends I have had two "flash forwards" so to speak...

Last weekend while on a walk with my  little lady, I heard a car coming up the road behind us. I could hear it starting to slow down and move "cautiously" around us. When I looked back to see what the car was doing (hoping it wasn't a creeper in a window-less van or something) I saw a small convertible with the top down. In the driver's seat was a teenage girl gripping the wheel at "10 and 2." In the passenger seat was an older guy (her Dad I am guessing). I could tell the girl was nervous by the look on her face. She was smiling, but it was a "Omg I am driving! Please don't let me hit these people!" smile. And the Dad looked over at us, gave a nod and glanced at Samantha. He then looked back up at me and smiled. His smile was more of a "You'll be here someday. Your baby girl will be all grown up and  driving" smile. I watched them drive away at ten miles an hour and I got a little emotional. I looked down at Sam. She was fast asleep, still gripping her snack cup and cheerios and puffs all over her lap. My little tiny beautiful girl would be driving someday. Someday, that will be us her at "10 and 2" and me in the passenger seat (gripping the door handle for dear life) and watching babies in strollers pass by...

And then today. We were on another walk. Up ahead I see a house with a lot of cars filling the driveway and side street. I then see a white limo. As we got closer, I notice that it's prom night. A big group of young and beautiful kids all dressed up were lining up on the lawn for a picture. I peek down at Sam to see her little tiny Nikes hanging over the side of the stroller. Again, fast asleep. Probably dreaming of pasta and baby genius videos and doggies. Someday, those little tiny Nikes will be replaced by heels. Prom heels. Someday that will be Samantha and her friends getting ready for an exciting night. 

My heart swells and hurts all the same time thinking about these "flash forwards." I wish time would slow down. I wish I could make sure that I never forget any moments with my daughter. I know with each stage comes new and exciting things, yet if I could bottle her baby-ness up forever I would!! 

I just have to remind myself not to take any day for granted. Sure, some days are hard. Some days are sleepless. Some days are really busy. But every day is special with her. And we will never get these days back. 

Before I know it, she will be asking for the keys to the car and shopping for prom gowns. But for now, I will just soak up everything "baby" about my baby :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IVF Giveaway

Just posting this in case anyone is interested. Would obviously have to travel to upstate NY..

Worth a shot, right? :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Girl at 13 1/2 months

Wow, I am actually attempting a post. I thought I should probably do an update on my girl before she turns 13 years old. Earlier this month, she turned 13 months old!!! Time is flying, friends.!

So much is new with her, that I don't even know where to begin. She has been popping out words like crazy! I was keeping a list of them, but I must be a bad Mom as I can't find the list at the moment. Some of her favorite words are: Keys, Cheese, Outside, Mama, Dada, Eyes, Socks, Hi, Yum, Teeth,Woof Woof, No no no. She also tries to say Alex "Ah-ix" (the baby I watch) and she's said her bff's name "aya" (Kaya). There are a few others too but I can't remember! That's why I was writing them down. But obviously doesn't do me any good if I can't find it. She also did the signs for "more" and " all done" recently!  It is just so much fun watching her learn and explore. One of my favorite things is to just watch her examine something and try to figure it out. She is constantly on the move! This girl does not like to sit still. I swear, if she sits longer than a minute or two somewhere, I run over and feel her forehead for a fever. She is crawling and cruising like crazy. Standing unassisted at time too! Although, no real steps yet! Just walking by pushing a walking toy in front of her. I'm really in no hurry for her to walk! She is already so quick and on the move, I don't know how I'll keep up. I think shoes will help in getting her to take some steps maybe. I really haven't put shoes on her very often, just when she's in a dress. But we just ordered her some baby Nikes (they are soooo cute!) and got her some new sandals for this Spring/Summer.
Our peanut is still that..a total PEANUT :) I can't remember if I told you all that at her 12 month appt her weight hadn't gone up, maybe 2-3 oz in a few months. I was really worried. We were about to try whole milk and we were hoping that would help add on the pounds. Well, the whole milk didn't go well. She had been on Soy formula for the longest time, but we wanted to see if she would tolerate Dairy and she didn't. It was the week before Easter and she was just miserable and gassy and stopped even wanting to drink the milk. So now she has been on Soy milk and it's going great. The doc said we could revisit dairy in the future. It's strange though she can tolerate some yogurt and cheese just fine. Her weight a few weeks ago was 16lbs 4oz. We have a weight check this Thursday and I am praying she gained. I feel like she eats pretty well. I mean she's a bit picky, but she eats a ton of what she does like. Although, I seriously think her clothes have gotten a little loose on her since then, so I am sort of freaking out about the whole weight thing :( The doc wanted to see if she tolerate milk to start pedia sure maybe to get the weight up. But she didnt do well with dairy, so I dont know if there's a soy version?
Eating is a bit of a challenge since she hates meat. Spits it out. She LOVES eggs, fruit,cheese and PASTA! She was loving green veggies but has backed off with those lately :( She also loves nutri grain bars and grilled cheese. And her Momma. She has been all about me lately! :) Which is nice because she was all about her Daddy for awhile :) She doesn't want me out of her sight! Which sometimes can be tough, but still makes my heart swell up knowing she loves me so much! Her Daddy makes her laugh with his singing and tickle attacks and she grins from ear to ear when he comes home from work.
What else is Sam loving? She loves her Baby Genius videos, bubbles, bath time, emptying out the laundry baskets and filling them back up (which can get annoying to clean up, but so cute to watch her!), she loves being outside, clapping, and doggies!
Sleep is still a challenge. Yes, at 13 months old! Naps have gotten better, but she still is doing about 1/2-3/4 of the night in crib. At that's with having to pat her back down once or twice.
Her scar from the Hemangioma is looking good. Still quite long and reddish, but according to the docs "healing beautifully." We have to go back to Boston (God Bless Boston!) for a check up in June. She also has a follow up with the developmental doc in June.
Teeth! She has been teething again. Poor girl. A few at a time. Right now she is working on her 8th tooth! And she loves to brush her teeth :) I give it to her in the tub and she loves it. Just sort of chews on it with a big smile, but I figure it's a start!
I am so excited for the nicer weather to show up and for Summer to begin! I'm hoping she loves the pool this year :) She's at such a playful age right now, that I hope she loves the sunshine and pool like her Momma.
In early May we are walking in  The March of Dimes walk. We are team "Peanut Princess." :) And Mid-May she is having her professional photos done by a private photographer, which I am super excited about! The photographer had to cancel back in March because she went on bed rest with her pregnancy. So we are happy to finally get these done. I hope Samantha AND the weather cooperates for them :)
I'm sure I have probably forgotten some things about Sam in this post, but overall she is GREAT :) We love her sooo much and her smiles and laughs just turn us into mush. Not a day goes by that I don't think "Oh my God, she is really mine?? Forever?" :)

What's new with me? Just busy busy between babysitting from home full time and chasing after Sam :) A few weeks ago I had three teeth pulled! Ugh. My last two wisdom and another top back tooth that had a really bad cavity. My mouth was hurting for awhile! I hate dental work. Seriously, I'd rather have another c-section. I also had a birthday..the big ole 34! I started a "diet" two weeks ago with my friend K. We are doing it together. I am at my heaviest! And I can't stand it! So I am just trying to eat better and exercise more. I weigh myself on Mondays. I lost 3 pounds in the first week. Which I was hoping for more, but I will take it. I completely cut myself off from soda. Which is huge, because I LOVE my coke. Let me clarify, coca-cola not cocaine. :) I'm trying to teach myself to like seltzer. Which is it isn't bad, just isn't Coke!
Life is good though. Counting my blessings, especially after all the horrific Boston events this week...

Here are a few pics of Sam. Sadly, she's still against headbands!

"Ok, I'll give you one with this headband on. But move quick!"


"A book about cupcakes huh? Yum."
(This was the first book we ever gave her. When she was in the NICU, the hospital was having a book fair. I read it to her when she was in her isolette) 

Sleepy girl striking a pose

Out for a walk with Momma! And snacks of course.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I owe you.

I owe you all a REAL post. One with words and pictures about how life is going and how my sweet girl is doing...

Hope you all are doing well. I try to read and comment as much as I can! But life seems too busy to sit down and write a meaty post most days...

Praying any Boston bloggers are safe and sound. This world is getting crazier and crazier.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Well, friends. It's official, I am now 34 years old! That means next year I will be 35! That's 5 short years away from 40!! Hitting 30 wasn't so bad..but I am really worried about 40 for some reason! Tell me it will all be okay :) I had a great weekend! Friday we had a fun playdate with the BFF's. Then Saturday evening my Mom and Step-Dad watched Sam for a little while so we could go to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Might have been the first time I didn't get cheesecake there! Got ice cream later instead :) After dinner we just walked around the mall. We were looking for a little pair of Nikes for Sam but didn't find a pair we liked. Then I picked out some (costume..why is it called that?) jewelry and a new iphone case. Today, Matt cooked us breakfast and then we headed out for some hiking and stopped to visit my Nana! Overall, it was great weekend and I am so blessed! Received some many thoughtful and beautiful cards this year from my family and friends :) Each one was perfect and seriously made me tear up!  Tomorrow starts Day One of the new "me." More exercise and less crap-eating! I have to get in shape! It is time.

We walked down to the rocks and just hung out! So pretty and relaxing.

Mmmm my fave...

Love my new iphone cover!

Margarita at dinner! Yum.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Littles

Today, we had a play date with my BFF Kristen and Samantha's mini BFF Kaya. It was a sunny Spring day, so we took our "sweet littles" for a long walk and to the playground. I was so glad to have gotten out as I have been recovering from oral surgery! Three teeth pulled! No fun at all. So it was nice to spend the day with some of our favorites. It was Sam's first time in a swing, too!

She loved the swing at first. She was even giggling! But then it faded and she wanted out! :)

A snack for the ride of course

Now, why did they have to go ruin a perfectly good playground by building a spider jungle gym?  ;) I HATE spiders!

Friends Forever xo


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Sweet Homecoming

On this day last year we were finally able to bring our sweet Peanut Princess home from the NICU! I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were SO excited, happy, nervous, grateful and terrified all at the same time! Here we were with this itty bitty baby who had been in the care of medical professionals for a month and now it was our turn. This is the day our family truly became a family and our hearts became whole! She BARELY fit in her car seat at the time and we thought she would never outgrow it, but she did! Love you so much it hurts baby girl....xoxoxo

Monday, April 1, 2013


We had a lovely Easter! It was great but super busy too! We went to church, then to my MIL and FIL's and then to my Mom and Step-dad's house. Needless to say we were EXHAUSTED by the time we got home! It sort of felt like Samantha's first Easter since last year she had been home only 5 days from the  NICU. Things were so scary and new then, that we didn't really do much that day!

Since the Bunny scared her at the mall...I gave him old carrots! 

Samantha's first ever Easter Basket! We filled it with a box of Annie's bunny pasta, Gerber  yogurt/veggie melts, an Elmo bunny hop book, a giant rubber ducky that goes over the tub faucet, a rubber ducky with bunny ears, a little fuzzy chick that chirps when you hold it, carrot shaped bubbles, an Easter bib, Elmo Easter stickers and a few empty plastic eggs that she likes to play with! The bear in front with the bunny ears is so special since I took a pic of her with it last year. Plan to have it somewhere in an Easter pic every year!

Last year on Easter! She was also exactly one month old that day! 

My pretty Easter girl...

Opening day for the Mets!!

In other news, looks like Samantha doesn't tolerate Cow milk well :( I am so bummed  about it. We started it last week and she just progressively got worse. Sleep disturbed, really gassy, extra fussy and crying! And even though she looked so pretty on Easter and we had a good time, she had a really tough day :( Cried a lot. So we called the doc this morning and he said to try her on Soy milk now and we will revisit Cow milk another time. My poor girl.