Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter and Baby Boy Update

Bunny Buddies at the egg hunt

Cuties coloring together!
We had a nice Easter. Didn't make it to church though...slackers we are. But in the morning we had breakfast with my inlaws and then drove down to my Nana's house about and hour away to have dinner with her, my Mom and Stepdad, my Bro and SIL and my Aunt Janie and cousin Ethan. It was a nice day overall. The sun was shining too! The Easter Bunny left a nice basket for Samantha! He left her egg shaped sidewalk chalk, bunny socks, Annie's Bunny cheese pasta, a bee bubble blower, a wind up bunny that swims in the tub (but she's scared of it), a mini bunny cabbage patch doll, new flip flops, two pink hot wheels, a mini potato head and some pull ups and Minnie underwear (for potty training soon!). All she seemed to really care about were the two pink hot wheel cars! :) We also took her to see the Easter Bunny this year. Last year didn't go well. And turns out she still isn't a fan. haha. She was excited up until it was her turn to go see him! haha We also went to an egg hunt in Samantha's BFF's neighborhood! I got both girls bunny tails to clip on to their pants :) So cute!

Here are a few pics from Easter....

We were hoping she would nap on the long car ride to my Nana's but she didn't! So we didn't get too many smiles that afternoon!

This one I just had to post. One morning it was too quiet! So I walked into her room to find her sitting on top of her dresser! The mad face is from me telling her "No" haha I just had to get a pic though!

Baby update! Today (April 25th) we are 35 weeks and 2 days!!! We've made it a few weeks longer than we did with Samantha! Yay...such a blessing! I am starting to get pretty uncomfortable though. Lots of swelling. And some pain in my calves that they almost sent me to get a special u/s done to rule out blood clots. But after my OB checked me out they think it's just due to swelling. I will be shocked if we make it to May 21st when our surgery is scheduled. But the longer he cooks the better! We had a growth scan yesterday and he is already 6 pounds!! So he could be close to 8 if we go until the 21st! I'm calling him "my little beefer" haha We won't know what to do with an average size baby :) But everything seems to be going okay. Just very tired and swollen and it's tough to do just about anything. The gestational diabetes isn't making it any easier, either. And I think I'm getting a cold! BUT I really cannot complain too much. Just so thankful we got this far! I am starting to panic a little that we actually ARE having another baby in a few weeks and that he is in fact NOT going to be in my belly forever haha It's almost GO time :) Just hoping my water doesn't break on it's own! He has been head down for awhile now and I do NOT want to give birth in a car lol

Samantha is doing great! She had her two year appt two weeks ago (a little late) and she is on the charts now! 24 pounds and 32 1/4 inches. 8th percentile for height and 12th percentile for weight. Still a peanut...but growing nicely!!! :) My friend posted this to FB the other day and I thought it was hilarious!!!