Monday, February 28, 2011

A Letter to Ms. Cramps McCramperson

Dear Cramps,

I really hate you.


A beaten down girl

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flying Monkeys

So, last night I had a strange dream. I came home and saw this crate with the door open. And in the crate was a sleeping baby boy. Adorable and perfect. I was shocked and confused as to why it was there and more importantly why it was in a crate. "We must have adopted it" I thought to myself. I was in love. I finally had my baby and was so grateful about it. At the end of the dream, it turned out that the baby was actually a monkey. But I was so in love with it that I couldn't see that it was a baby boy MONKEY, not a human child. Weird dream. Is God telling me I should just adopt a monkey and get on with my life? Well, sorry God that's not going to fly :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ABCs of Me

A couple of my blog friends posted this and I thought it would be fun to join in!

A) AGE-31 (approaching 32 in less than two months. Ouch.)

B) BED SIZE- Full! I used to need a queen. But since meeting my love, I like being all smushed and cozied up together. Now ask me this when I'm 9mths preggo someday, and I'll probably say I need a King size :)

C) CHORE YOU HATE- Cleaning the tub. For some reason no matter how much I scrub or try different products I can't seem to get it sparkling clean. It's so frustrating!!!

D) DOGS-Our sweet 3 year old Goldie was hit by a car and killed last month. I'm so heartbroken every day about it...

E) ESSENTIAL PART OF YOUR DAY ITEM- I would have to say my compact face powder. I use it many times throughout the day, because I seem to have the skin of a 13 year old.

F) FAVORITE COLOR- It's a tie at light blue and pink. I don't have baby on the brain or anything, do I? :)

G) GOLD or SILVER- Silver. But white gold is nice too. I've never been a fan of yellow gold. Looks pretty on some people, just not on me.

H) HEIGHT- I could pass for one of the Wizard of Oz munchkins. I'm 5 feet tall. I actually might be 4'11 1/2 but I just round up to 5'0. Shhhhh.

I) INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY- The recorder :) Kidding. Who invented those? They make the most annoying sound and what's even more genius is that they hand them out to a bunch of third graders. Yikes. Anyways, I did play the flute from 5th grade through 12th grade. Insert "This one time at band camp" line. But I stopped loving it at about 7th grade. I was one of those kids in the band who pretended to play a lot of the time. Crazy thing is, is that I can pick up a flute and still play a scale. It's like riding a bike. The instruments I would love to know how to play are the piano, violin and guitar...

J) JOB TITLE- I teach iddie-biddie-kiddies also know as "Waddlers" at our center. They haven't quite mastered the art of walking yet, so they waddle. Hence, the nickname "Waddlers." Cute right?

K) KIDS- Workin' real hard on it. And I'm hopin', dreamin' and prayin'...

L) LIVE- Upstate New York. I <3 NY.

M) MOM'S NAME- Wonderful. I mean, Barbara :)

N) NICKNAMES- I've never really had a nickname. But my hubby and I call each other "Boo Bear." Stop laughing :)

O) OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY- I'm saving up my first hospital stay for when I have a baby. I planned it like that. ha.

P) PET PEEVE- I think my biggest pet peeve is when people don't say "Thank you" when you hold the door for them. It's just rude.

Q) QUOTE FROM MOVIE- Ahhh! They are so many movies I love! But if I had to choose one or two right now they would be:

Sleepless in Seattle...
Doctor Marcia Fieldstone: People who truly loved once are far more likely to love again. Sam, do you think there's someone out there you could love as much as your wife?
Sam Baldwin: Well, Dr. Marcia Fieldstone, that's hard to imagine.
Doctor Marcia Fieldstone: What are you going to do?
Sam Baldwin: Well, I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out... and, then after a while, I won't have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while.
Doctor Marcia Fieldstone: Tell me what was so special about your wife?
Sam Baldwin: Well, how long is your program? Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known... I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic.


Pretty Woman...

[Kit is trying to cheer up Vivian]
Vivian: Tell me one person who it's worked out for.
Kit: What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name... I got it. Cindafuckin'rella!

R) RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED- Right. But aren't all women BOTH? We are the ultimate multi-taskers :)

S) SIBLINGS- A younger brother and an older step-brother.

T) TIME YOU WAKE UP- Most days, 6am. And then I hit the snooze button for 15 minutes. Not a morning person. But my hubby totally is!

U) UNDIES- I have a big collection. Sexy, not so sexy, old, new, boyshort, bikini, some thongs. But my everyday go-to's are Victoria Secret cotton bikinis with fun prints on them. Kind of boring but so comfy. Hey, at least I didn't say " Days of the week" undies :)

V) VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE- I'm not a big follower of squash and cauliflower. But I do love most other veggies!

W) WHAT MAKES YOU LATE- Hmmm, do you mean what makes AF late? Well. Could be stress, sickness, stubbornness. But most of the time (except once) not pregnancy. Something that really makes me late for things would be trying to find something to wear. I'm really picky about how things fit and feel on me, so there are quite a few times I am running late because I am in tears and destroying my closet...

X) XRAYS- Lots. Mostly dental, GI, and fertility related...

Y) YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE- (bowing head in shame) I'm not a very good cook. I can follow a recipe but I have no desire to whip up something new and delicious. I do, however, enjoy baking. And I can make (mix and frost) a pretty good cupcake. I have a fascination with fancy cupcakes. My Nana makes the best banana bread on the planet. She would be ashamed to know her only grand-daughter SUCKS at most things that go on in the kitchen :)

Z) ZOO ANIMAL (FAVORITE)- My hubby and I went to the Miami Zoo back in October. We had so much fun! I would have to say my favorite was the Giraffes. I got to feed one and it's long black tongue slurped my arm! It was so gross and so cool at the same time! In the gift shop I bought this cute little giraffe stuffed animal with bugged out eyes. It's adorable and sits atop our tv in the bedroom.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Did ya miss me?

Not so much? Ok, fine. :) Well, I have missed blogging and I have missed all of you! We finally got our Internet set up after two weeks of complete craziness. No offense to anyone who works for Verizon, but their customer service SUCKS. I'm not even going to get into it, because it's over now, but we are going to be one of "those" people and probably write a letter. I really was lost without the Internet, mostly the blogging aspect of it. It was really hard not to be able to keep up with all of you and to express myself in this "form." I have to say though that I realized how much time I do spend blogging and on the Internet in general. Without it I did get a lot more done, went to bed earlier, and put myself first. Which was nice, but overall the positive effects on me from blogging are greater than more sleep or getting more stuff done. Might sound odd to some people, I guess.

The move went well. We are loving our new place, but we realized it's going to take a few more months before our financial situation turns around. Right now we are playing "catch up." And it's been really tough. But we'll get through it, we always do. We are hoping by summer to be "comfortable" again.

I wish in my blogging absence that I could have come back and posted something like " We're pregnant...with twins...and we won the NYS lottery." But because that would be ridiculously awesome, that of course did not happen. Before we moved I had just taken Clomid and went in for a monitoring appt. After the RE telling me that I had "no measurable follies" yet, I knew that wasn't a good sign. So we made the decision to stop monitoring and just see what happens. We didn't want to spend money on co-pays, and "waste" our trigger shot and IUI on a crappy Clomid cycle. I've never responded great to Clomid. But we were going to give it one more try. Earlier this week I started getting some moderate to severe cramping and was pissed. I thought there was a chance I was getting my period TWICE in one month. I know the cramps could be from lots of things, but unfortunately IF has taught me to think the worse. Technically, AF is due the middle of next week, but I definitely thought she was being an overachiever and showing up too soon. It could be from anything, as the cramps haven't been consistent. I guess I should make use of that one digital test chilling under our bathroom sink. Maybe next week I'll POAS. Maybe. If we need a next treatment, it's going to be a half-ass injectible cycle again. But I responded well to the half-ass injectible cycle the first time. So, we'll see. It made me sick though to think about how if we started another one of those cycles, I'd have to be monitored about every other day. Which means $200 in co-pays over two weeks. Yikes. May not sound hefty to some people, but it is to us! Lately, I've been thinking of doing an IVF fundraiser someday. I would definitely do it for Adoption, but is it tacky to do for IVF??

Today was a winter wipe-out here in NY. I expected to wake up to a "dusting" (as the weather peeps stated) but instead we woke up to the North Pole. Holy snow. I am not one to really complain about snow, because I love it. But this is just out of control now. I'm seriously afraid this winter might not end. We had a day last week where it was in the 50's and then WHAM...snowball fight! Snow-1,432 People-O. My husband called me before I left and begged me to call in to work, because the roads were awful. But I headed in anyways, and was sorry I did. It was probably the worst ride in the snow I've ever had. And now we live further away from my work, so that made it extra scary. I think I was having an anxiety attack on my way in with all the chest pains I was having. Luckily, my hubby picked me up from work at the end of the day so I didn't have to drive home in it. Love my hero :)

Once we were home I was so ready to just relax. But after checking the mail, my chest pains returned. A few days ago I received a letter from my GI dr saying that I did NOT have Celiac Disease, which was wonderful news! But today I received another letter from them stating that my bloodwork is consistent with Crohn's Disease. HUH???!!! I so need a new doctor. He originally told me I didn't have it. And then the letter said that I should continue with my meds (lialda) and to keep my appt for March. Well at my last visit, he took me off the $50.00 a pop Lialda and put me on a stomach spasm med. This new med has helped a lot I think. But I am so confused and annoyed as to how I'm supposed to treat Crohn's. I'm pretty much terrified because I seem to have this constant feeling that NONE of my doctors know what they're talking about. The only thing I can do is to call the office on Monday and ask what HECK is going on!

Tomorrow I am having lunch with my mom and doing some shopping with gift cards. It'll be nice to spend some time with her. I am slowly catching up on all your blogs!! I promise to comment on them soon!! It's strange how much can happen when you're gone for two weeks. People getting pregnant :) People losing babies :( People happy :) People sad :( So many ups and downs, but I'm glad to be back. Back with my support group...

Friday, February 18, 2011

missing my internet BIGTIME

Hi everyone! I'm updating from my hubby's phone. I miss blogging and I miss all of you! Unfortunately we won't have internet for almost another friggin week! Long story. So hopefully soon I can catch up on all of your blogs! Quick rundown, we moved to the new place last weekend and we love it! We made the right choice by moving here. And as for baby makin, we decided to save our trigger shot and IUI for our next injectible cycle nextt month if needed. So we are taking the old fashioned approach to things this month with the help of a little clomid. Even though clomid has never been a help! :) but we are just going to hope for the best!

Wow, its really hard to type on this little keyboard. I know this may sound silly but I feel like a big piece of me is missing not being able to blog and read other blogs! :) so please forgive my absence and lack of support blog friends...

Have a good weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ooops. I forgot Fun Fact Friday.

1) I have a slight obsession with Apple candles. Apple Cinnamon, Apple Pie, ANY kind that resembles the smell of Apple. Something about it makes me feel cozy and "at home." And it reminds me of my favorite season, FALL. :)

2)I love the movie The Proposal. It's on our Directv movie channel list all the time, and I'm not ashamed to say that I watch it ALL THE TIME :)

3) At my wedding my "something blue" was light blue polish on my toes :)

I need advice, people.

Ok, so I had my appt this morning and it didn't go so well. I was hoping the nurse would say "Trigger tonight and IUI on Valentine's Day, girl!" Nope. Turns out my follies aren't even "measurable" right now. Hmmmm. That doesn't seem good, does it? I finished clomid on would think they would be somewhat "measurable" by now. So I'm scheduled for another appointment on Tuesday. But here's where I need your advice...

My trigger shot came today. It was $80.00. I also dropped $140.00 at the RE's office this morning. And next Tuesday will also be $30.00. I'm thinking of maybe "cancelling" this cycle. And here's why. We only have two or three IUI's left that are covered under the insurance. I'm thinking we should save those for more injectible cycles. I responded really well ("Beautifully" the nurses said) to my first injectible cycle. It didnt result in a pregnancy, but my numbers were all great. Clomid and I arent really friends. It's a give and take relationship. Where I'm giving and she's doing all the taking (of my money and sanity). I just feel like I dont want to "waste" this trigger shot and one of our IUI's on a clomid cycle. And it's already not going well. I mean we'll still try it the "old fashioned" way and hope that the Clomid pulls through for us...

What do you girls think I should do? :)

I think tonight is my last night of internet for awhile, so I hope to catch up with you all in a few days!

OMG...did anyone else watch the Dateline special "Inconceivable" that was on tonight? WOW. It was about this couple who did IVF and the WRONG embryos were transferred. I sat and watched and I don't think I took a breath through the whole show. I can't even imagine.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank You

I just want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my last post! I seriously would have a hard time going through this journey without you all. And I'm freaking out a little bit about having to go without internet in our move this weekend. Is that sad? :)

Today went a little better. We got the insurance company mess settled, but I still have to pay $140.00 to keep my appt at the RE's office tomorrow. Which sucks, but I don't want to have wasted all the Clomid I just ate. And my trigger shot is ordered. Although, Im a little concerned about its arrival tomorrow, because originally they were going to send it to to my house, but no one would be here. So that would mean it would freeze outside. So I had to call them back and change the shipping to my work address, but I'm hoping it gets there before closing time! One thing I know for sure, nothing is ever easy :)

My dear friend Kristen (and one of my bloggy friends too!) pointed out that maybe that IVF call from the Hawaii hospital, was a MAJOR sign :) And I didnt think about it like that at the time, but I am totally hoping it is a sign. A sign that the universe is saying " Hey...your time is almost here... patience pays off." :)

We are moving this weekend (insert stressed face here)! But it will be good! My hubby went and got the keys tonight and he said the landlord really did a lot of work on the apartment and that it looks great! So we are excited about that. I just can't wait to get settled and start saving some money. Our house right now looks like war zone and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find any underwear for a week...

I'll try and post about my appointment tomorrow, if I have internet that is. What I'm hoping they'll say is that I'm ready to go, to take the trigger shot that evening and we'll see ya on Valentine's Day for the IUI. Hmmmm. But I will be SHOCKED if that actually happens. I'm usually a slow go-er. Come on baby maker, be ready pleaseeee...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to crawl into a hole and stay there?

That's how I feel right now. And I'll apologize in advance, for the "downer" post, but I just need to vent.

My day was going fine and then I left work to go to my GI appt and it all went down hill from there. Since I'm not really feeling up to writing an interesting post about how all this went down, I'm just going to list (in order) the events of the afternoon...

-Left work at 3 to go to my GI dr's appt. Didn't get seen until 4:25. The doctor was totally creepy and I am going to get a new GI dr VERY soon.
-I tell him about my Lialda issues and how it doesn't really help, so he tells me to stop taking it and he's going to put me on a stomach spasm med. I get upset because we just spent $50 on the lialda.
-I then tell him about my new thyroid issues and he looks concerned and stares at his laptop for about 10 min. Then he tells me he's concerned I have Celiac Disease. And that he wants me to have more bloodwork.
-I go get the bloodwork but no one sent an order over for it, so I wait forever for them to find it. The lab technician seems nuts. She then has me sign a form for genetic testing. And then proceeds to stab me with a needle, worst blood draw Ive ever had.
-Leave the GI dr's office and realized he never gave me a new script for the new stomach med. Freakin great.
-Realize there are three voicemail messages on my phone.
-One from my fertility clinic. One from the medical company that was supposed to be shipping my trigger shot. And one from a hospital in Hawaii.
-Apparently, the trigger shot I ordered earlier in the day didnt go through. I guess my insurance only covered it one time, so we would have to pay $110 or try to get it through somewhere else. Which I'm in the process of doing.
-The message from the fertility clinic said that we have a balance of over $1200 that needs to be paid before my appt on Friday. WTF. This is the insurance company's fault. That $1200 is covered, there was a just a gliche and things to be be readjusted. So my hubby called the insurance company and they are going to see what they can do. But I have a feeling, something will go wrong and the 5 days of Clomid I just took will go to waste. Very sad.

And here's the kicker...

The message from the hospital in Hawaii went something like this " Hi Sarah (fill in Ex's last name) this is Heather from Tripler Army Medical Center, please call me as soon as possible." UMMMMM WHAT?! For those of you who are confused. I was married before. He and I lived in Hawaii and he was military. So immediately I thought, "Hmm maybe my ex went back there, got injured and I'm still on his contact info?" I really was confused. So I called back. And this is how it went...

Me: "Hi I received a message earlier from Heather, I'm not really sure what it's about."

Nurse: "Oh yes, I'm Heather and what was your name again?"

Me: "Well, my last name has changed but it was Sarah (Fill in Ex's last name)."

Nurse: (in an excited voice) " Oh yes, hi! I was calling about the IVF list here, your name is one of the next one's on the list! Are you still interested??!!"

(Lil' info about this "IVF" list. When I first started my infertility journey, it was there in Hawaii. I was told I should get on the IVF list, because it could take YEARS to get a call. The military offers VERY reduced or close to free IVF cycles if you are picked from this list. And here we are years later, and my name is picked.)

Me: (stunned) "Wow...ummm my husband and I divorced and I am no longer military or living in Hawaii."

Nurse: (sad voice) "Oh Im so I guess I'll just take you off the list then."

Me: (dying inside) "Ok, thank you."

Funny how life works. My name gets picked off a list for IVF, but from a chapter of my life that doesn't exist anymore. I wouldn't change a thing. I love my husband and I love our life together. We'll get our baby...

* I may be MIA from blog world until early next week :( We are moving, and I might not have internet for a few days*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't be jealous...

The most fabulous pill box EVER :) Thanks to my friend Cori at work! She surprised me with it today with a note attached that said "Be well with a smile." And she "bedazzled" it herself! ha! I love it!

It's so perfect, in all it's glittery glory! :)

It's like a party for a pill box.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

be IN

be IN
I AM INfertile...

But I am so much more "IN" than that...

I’ve been tested. I’ve been probed. I’ve been injected. I’ve missed work for appointments. I’ve researched. I’ve asked questions. I’ve worried. I’ve made phone calls. I’ve prioritized...

I AM INcessant...

I’ve gone to baby showers. I’ve smiled at other‘s “big news“. I’ve purchased baby gifts. I’ve babysat. I’ve missed chances. I’ve lost sleep. I’ve lost hope. I’ve lost embryos. I’ve lost babies...

I AM INdestructible...

I might be a mother. I might not be a mother. I might come to terms. I might never quit. I will survive...

I AM INvincible...

I am INfertile. I am INcessant. I am INdestructible. I am INvincible. I am IN.

*Found this beIN badge (which I LOVE) over at the blog Bottoms Off and on the Table. Go ahead~get one too :)*

We had a busy weekend. And I'm starting to come to terms with the new thyroid issue I was presented with on Friday. Maybe this will be a good thing. Maybe this thyroid medication will really help in getting us pregnant! So I'm trying to look at it as a blessing in disguise :) Although, I'm a little miffed (yes, miffed) at my RE's office. The nurse said the thyroid issue wasn't a big deal at all in terms of fertility, but that it plays a big part in fetal brain development. Well, according to "Dr. Google" she is WRONGGGG. From what I've been reading, it can play a HUGE part in a woman's ability to conceive and carry out a healthy pregnancy. So, I think I may ask to speak with the Dr next Friday. Or possibly meet with a separate endocrinologist.

Saturday night we went to a nice 30th birthday party for one of our friends. They put together this slide show w/ music of pictures of him. It was so sweet! And made me a little sad because as I was looking at all his cute baby pictures and pictures of him throughout his childhood, I thought " Will we ever have pictures like this? Will we have a child to take pictures of and watch grow up? Will we ever go to t-ball games?" It scared me, the thought of possibly never having that. I also had almost two glasses of wine, and that was a huge mistake. I think combined with all the meds I am taking right now, it made me almost zombie-like. We left a little early and when we got home I was asleep within ten minutes. Note to self: Avoid alcohol while you're a walking pharmacy.

So tonight while we were watching the Superbowl at my Dad's, I stuck with soda. No wine. It's kind of sad though, one of the things that help numb the pain of infertility I can't really have anymore. Sad but true. Not that I really drink a lot anyways, but still. I think one glass would have been ok, but the second glass of wine the bartender gave me at the birthday party, was like a GIANT sundae cup. It was huge. Like a small fish bowl or something.

Very busy week ahead! And we are moving next weekend. Yikes :) We are excited to get out of here though and start new in a less expensive place! Friday was one month since our dog, Nole, died. Tonight as we were driving home from my Dad's we saw someone in our neighborhood with reflective gear on. It was the one nice neighbor down the street, who showed any sympathy towards us that night Nole died. He was walking his Golden Retriever (looks exactly like Nole, but a little older). Between the dark and the headlights, I caught a glimpse of his dog's face. And my heart skipped a beat. I miss Nole so much. I try not to think about it or dwell on it, but there's a huge piece of my heart missing with him gone...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Say what?

I am beyond exhausted right now. And I have so many things I want to blog about, but all my thoughts are swirling around in circles. So, please forgive me BFF's (Blog Friends Forever). See? I guess I'm teetering on delirious now too, since I'm making up weird acronyms. :)

First up, love is needed. For my blog friend BreLynne over at Zero to Baby. She and her husband just learned that their second beta didn't rise :( She's such a sweet girl and I'm so sad for them. So if you have a second, please stop by her blog and show her some love :)

I was up at 4:10 this morning. I had an RE appt at 7:45. I know what your thinking. " It takes you 3 hours to get ready??!!" Well, no not really. But kind of. On RE appt days, I get up really early. Mainly, because I'm really nervous. And also I don't like to rush getting ready on these appt days, so I get up before hubby and get myself presentable. And then once I'm ready, I just relax for a little bit or get on blogger to see if anything exciting has happened in the four hours I have separated myself from it :) It's funny because I've had a bazillion of these appts, so you'd think I wouldn't be so nervous. But I think it's the anxiety of it all. You never know what they are going to tell you. Nurse: "Ohhhh look at that, there's a high school marching band chilling with your ovaries." Seriously, I've come to expect the "ridiculous." :)

I arrive at the RE's office and I immediately feel like a dog who pees on the floor when they get nervous :) Luckily, I did not actually pee on the floor. Now, in my defense, I think my anxiety was a little extra high today because we have been on a break for two months. I hadn't been there in awhile and I needed to dip my feet back in the prayin' for pregnancy pool. Turns out everything looked fine. No cysts! Which I was surprised about. I got one of my least fav nurses today, so that kind of sucked but it was fine. I'm starting on 150 mg of Clomid tonight and will follow with trigger and IUI in the next few weeks. I was just glad I could try something. If this cycle fails, then our plan is to save for our second injectible cycle for March.

I was pleased with the appointment. The nurse also said that my colitis meds were ok to take, so that was good news. Although, as I am learning (and according to the Lialda side effect sheet) it can sometimes worsen symptoms. And I think that's whats happening. I have a GI appt next week and I need to find out if he can switch me to something else or if I should keep going with Lialda...

I went about the rest of my work day and at my lunch break I checked my phone. We can't have our cells in the classroom, so I can only check my phone at certain times during the day. I saw there was a voicemail from the RE's office. Any time I see that I have a voicemail from them, I kind of start freaking the F out. Because normally, they only call to leave a message when you are expecting beta results. And we all know there are only two outcomes. Confused, anxious and thinking the craziest thoughts, I listen to the voicemail. And I have to admit my crazy thought was," Maybe I actually AM pregnant! Maybe this is my miracle moment!" Not so much...

It was the nurse. She said that they were a little concerned because my thyroid levels were elevated and that she needed a pharmacy number to call in a drug for me. Say what? You mean there's something ELSE wrong with me and I have to take MORE meds?! Ugh. They have me on Levothyroxine. And I have to go back next Friday for blood work and ultrasound. I was relieved that I don't have to go in EVERY OTHER DAY like last time while on injectibles. I'll get a little rest from it all. And it will give our wallets a rest. I called back to speak with the nurse and I asked if thyroid issues interfere with ovulation and conception and she said "no." But I want to research that, because for some reason I feel like she's very wrong. She said the reason they were concerned is because thyroid issues cause problems for fetal brain development. Great. Now, my baby might be dumb. :) Nah, I'm just being dramatic. But it was hard to get this news today, because frankly, we don't need anymore bad news. I'll eat pills forever, if that means we will soon have a healthy baby in our arms. Hubby joked that he's going to have to get me one of those giant day-by-day pill reminder box things :) Maybe a bedazzled one or something...

I'm going to close this post with something I'm going to try and do every Friday. And I'm going to call it "Fun Fact Friday." I noticed with all the recent blog awards in the blog-awesome community, people really liked learning fun little facts about each other. So, if you are feelin' it, please pass this "Fun Fact Friday" along :)

3 Fun Facts about me:

1) When I was younger, I was obsessed with the movie Annie. So much so, that my best childhood friend and I sat in front of the tv one day and wrote out the movie, line for line. We were planning on bringing Annie: The Musical to life on my back deck with all the neighborhood kids. That didn't happen. But we did have the whole (hand written) Annie script as a keepsake :) We must have had a lot of time on our hands...

2) I HAVE to drink orange juice every morning. It's like, my thing. I put a lot of effort into making sure we never run out of it. But I'm kind of an OJ snob. It used to always have to be Tropicana No Pulp. But just recently, I've learned that Price Chopper (local grocery store) No Pulp with calcium, is just as good. Any other OJ brands, taste like Windex.

3) When I was in fourth grade, I had a snack milk disaster. It's funny the memories that stay with you. It was back in the day where we each had our own desks, with all of our things inside it. Those were so cool btw. Well, I remember putting a half full carton of chocolate milk in my desk after snack. Why I felt the need to hoard my milk? I'm not sure. But it turned out to be a disaster. So when weeks went by and a really funky smell was filling the classroom and my teacher was frantically trying to find the source, I kept quiet. I was really shy and quiet back then, and I think I was embarrassed to say that I had forgotten about the milk or something. And who wants to raise their hand and say "Why yes teacher, it's the stank milk that's rotting in my desk." It was awful. I was so embarrassed that I cried. I let a milk mole hill grow into a milk mountain. A lesson for life. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Two posts today. Does that make me an overachiever? Brings me back to a Bart Simpson t-shirt I had when I was like nine or ten that read " Underachiever and proud of it, man." Or something like that. All I have to say about me (owning) and wearing that t-shirt is "WHY?." :)

I forgot to mention something earlier this week that my mom had told me. I don't believe in coincidences. I think all things happen for a reason. Well, last Saturday I blogged about finding the perfect frame for my old ultrasound picture. For those of you who read that post, you know what I'm talking about. Well, my mom called me last Saturday night after reading my blog and said " Oh you are not going to believe this." Turns out, she went to a baby shower that Saturday. The same day I found the frame. She said that she bought the EXACT same frame for the baby shower. She said she had gotten a gift certificate, but wanted to give a little gift too and she got the exact same one! I was blown away. And I think there was definitely some cosmic/higher power that made us both find and choose that frame. Soooo weird. :)

That's it. Just wanted to share :)

Oh, hello snow.

And hello, AF! Today is Day 45 and I think AF is arriving. Not sure yet. But I have some light spotting on and off, so that's a good sign. At least something is happening. I'm still going to keep my appointment for Friday with the RE. I'm not feeling very well so I am very thankful for this snow day. We are moving in a week and we have no idea how we are going to get our brand new grill out from under the 3ft of icy snow. Moving in the middle of winter, kinda sucks. But it'll be ok. We can't wait to get out of this money pit. And our neighbors kind of suck. Not one of them came out from their houses the night the dog died (except for one nice man wayyyy down the street). And we know they were home and heard me screaming at the top of my lungs. Hubby was out shoveling this morning and the guy across the street came out and made a sarcastic comment like " We've never had this much snow in this neighborhood until you guys moved in." And hubby answered back in an even more sarcastic tone, " Well you're in luck, we're moving in a week." Assholes. I hate rude people.

My mom called this morning and she got talking about whether or not it's okay to be pregnant on Lialda. And even though she didn't mean it to, this put me in an automatic sad mood. I don't need one more thing holding me back from having a baby. I've researched it a bit and Lialda is category B with pregnancy. Which means it's not ideal, but not horrible either. And I hate arguing with my mom about it. It put me in a sad mood, and she's my best friend. I hate fighting with best friends. :( So, I'm going to ask the RE on Friday what they think about the drug. Antibiotics are category B. So Im guessing this drug will be ok to take. Hopefully.

My husband was my hero yesterday. He came to my work and cleaned off my car and dug it out of the snow for me. And then he made french toast for dinner. I am so thankful that I have one of the good ones :)

I'm pretty sure AF is going to appear with a vengeance. I'm starting to get cramps that feel like a gremilin is trying to escape my stomach. Ouchhh.

Well, back to enjoying my snow day on the couch. It's been so lovely :)