Friday, February 27, 2015

9 months!!!

Our little guy turned 9 months old on Valentine's Day!!! This means that in three months he is going to be ONE YEARS OLD....doesn't seem possible :(

He is doing great! He is generally such a happy easy baby boy! He had his 9 month appt the other day and his stats are:

20lbs 5oz
27 3/4 inches

42nd percentile for weight and 27th percentile for height

He has 6 teeth!

Samantha is wonderful :) She is turning 3 next week so we have been busy preparing for her party! She is very excited about her Paw Patrol party :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

8 Months!!

Carter is 8 months old!!!

-He has 5 teeth!
-Size 5 diapers
-Size 12 mth or 18 month clothese (Haha!)
-Guessing he's about 20 lbs (or possibly more...has his 9mth appt next month)
-Drinking 7oz bottles and two solids a day
-Crawling super fast and pulling up to standing!
-The little dare devil has even tried one-handed
-He LOVES his sissy :)
-Loves bouncing/jumping
-Loves being tickled and has the best laugh!
-Loves any toy he can put in his mouth!
-He is such a curious little dude and into everything! haha

This year sure is flying by :( I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up. Makes my heart swell and break at the same time....

Samantha is great! Turning into this little lady before our eyes! She LOVES her baby brother. They have started playing with each other more and its probably the best thing ever to hear them laugh with each other! Gah! Samantha turns 3 in March and she is very excited about her birthday party! She also started gymnastics this month and LOVES it :)

Here are a few pics of the kids!

Yup! haha

Baby Zoro

Precious girl!

Her new piano from Nana and Papa

Samantha and Carter with their BFF Kaya

Happy 8 months!

Princess Sophia (Sam) and her friend Princess Anna (Ava). Complete with a photobomb by elsa

First taste of a puff!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Carter turns 7 months old!

Our little man just turned 7 months old this month!!!!

We are....

So busy....

So tired....


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Carter turns 6 months and a photo dump!

Our little chunker turned 6 months this past month! His 6 months stats are:

17lbs 14oz
26.5 inches
55% for weight and 51st for height

He's got his two bottom teeth! And is moving (rolling) around like crazy!! He's gets up all all fours and like does this hop! Its so cute! I am thinking he will be crawling VERY soon. Yikes. He LOVES to be tickled and has  just the cutest most contagious laugh ever!!

Sam is doing great. Talking up a storm and growing up too fast! The "bottle fairy" came a few weeks ago. She would ONLY drink milk out of a bottle. She would drink water and juice just fine out of a sippy or an open cup..but was SO attached to the bottle for milk. But we had to just bite the bullet. So the bottle fairy came and took all her bottles to the babies who need them. And left her a daniel tiger trolley instead. Its been tough though. She will hardly drink any milk now :( Hopefully in time this changes!

Things have been so busy here! And right now we are all a little sick. Blah. But I wanted to blog about his 6 month stuff before he turns 7 months this December :)

Here are a few photos from the day Carter turned 6 months, Thanksgiving and tree hunting!

We are pretty excited for Christmas!! We had Christmas card photos of the kids taken at a tree farm! Will share those once cards go out! :)

Carter "chose" a snowman helicopter ornament! He loves snowmen!

Samantha chose a stuffed rudolph ornament!

Searching for her tree!

How cute is this sweater? Perfect for tree hunting!

My beautiful girl

Happy Thanksgiving times two!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Photo Dump

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We sure did with our little Dorothy and Toto :) It was Samantha's first time trick or treating! She LOVED it :)

Samantha and I made Halloween cupcakes!

Samantha, Carter and her Bee-FF Kaya! :)

The trick or treating crew!

My big girl!

Poor toto! You can't even see his face! haha

Be still my heart.

Painting a pumpkin

Halloween craft

Halloween jammies!

Stirring! She loves to help bake!

This guy.

Cutest boy in the universe.

Again, cutest boy in the universe :)