Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mustache Bash

Last Saturday, our parents hosted a mustache themed celebration for our little guy!!!  It was such a lovely shower!!! This little boy is so loved and spoiled already :) Here are a few pictures to document that day...

My 92 year old Nana sporting a stick on stache! Love her!

Update: Today I am 31 weeks (and a day!). So far so good. I stop working next week. At next week's appt we are getting another growth scan to see how big he is getting. I am slowing down for sure! Sticking my finger four times a day for the GD definitely sucks...again. But it is what it is. The nesting/crazy feeling to organize and be prepared is in full force :) Not sure if I mentioned in my last post but we are scheduled for a c-section on May 21st. But to be honest, I do not think we will go that long! My guess is end of April/early May. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Samantha Roselyn turns two!!!

Last Saturday our little mouse turned TWO!!! So of course we had to throw her a party :) We chose a Minnie Mouse theme. My in-laws were so kind to host it at their house. We had quite the turn out of adults and little kids! It was a bit crazy...but a lot of fun :) We even hired a music guy who comes with his guitar and sings silly kid songs!!! I can't believe she's two! I swear the day after her birthday she just LOOKED older!

Here are some pictures!

Things are going well with baby boy! I am 29 weeks today. I had my growth scan on Tuesday and the babe is 3lbs 6oz and in the 73rd percentile already!! I am scheduling the date for my c-section next week. If all goes well and he stays put...his birthday should be the week of May 19th. Sadly, I failed my 3 hr glucose and I have GD again! Booooo :( But overall things are good and we are getting excited to meet this little guy :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Picture Post

Here are a few recent pictures of my girl! :)

Things have been so busy here. Preparing for Samantha's 2nd birthday next week (GASP! Can't believe she will be 2...and yes I will probably say this about every birthday!). And we are preparing for baby boy's arrival (which in my heart of hearts I think he will come early). So between all of this..and working...and chasing a toddler...and weekly OB appts....things are busy and exhausting here!

I haven't been feeling so great. I am already so big and heavy that it's taking a toll on my 5'0 frame body. I will be 28 weeks this week. Lots of tests coming up. The 3 hr glucose and growth scan. Soon I will be down to just the progesterone shots once a week but no more cervix checks. So far my BP is okay but I am feeling worse this time around. Weird. I actually passed the one hr glucose this pregnancy, but since I had GD with Samantha, they want me to still do the 3 hr. I am praying this little guy makes it close to full term...but if I'm being honest I think he will be an early bird as well. I have been nesting quite a bit when I can...just want to make sure everything is in order if (IF!) he comes early.
Valentine's Day cutie

Her shirt says "I like big bows and I cannot lie" (go ahead sing other brothers can't deny) haha
Anyways, stayed tuned for Samantha's birthday party post next week! :)


Play date profiles (Samantha and her bff Kaya)