Monday, February 10, 2014



Remember me? lol

Just stopping by to give you all (or whoever is still following!) a quick update on my life over here :)

I do try to read and comment still as much as I can, but you know, the toddler in my life and the baby in my belly have been hoarding all my time and energy :)

Here goes!

-Samantha had RSV two weeks ago :( She was SO very sick! It was really hard to see. I felt so bad for my baby girl. She ended up spending two nights/three days at the hospital. She was sick for about ten days total :( Thankfully, she is better now! And back to herself!!!

-She also turned 23 months two days ago! She is this little joy walking around...talking...laughing..playing...JOY! Seriously, there is something new every day. I just love her little personality and my heart explodes daily just being around her and watching/listening to her! Of course, she is still a toddler and has her tantrum moments! haha And she still has some stranger anxiety in big groups. It usually takes her a bit to warm up still.

-In a few weeks she will be TWO!!! Unreal!!! We are throwing her a Minnie Mouse themed party :)

- We recently moved her to a big girl bed :( I had a really hard time with this. I wasn't ready. Definitely shed some tears. But we need the crib for baby boy and wanted to get a start on the big girl bed and not wait until right before little brother arrives. She was not sleeping so great in the crib to begin with (about half the night in crib, half the night with us) so we knew this change wouldn't probably go so well. She is doing the same...half the night in the bed...half with us. But lately, her time in the bed is getting shorter and shorter :( However, she did nap today in her big girl bed for two hours, so that's a start! We will get there. She does love her bed though...loves to sit on it and talk about it etc.

- I love the cold and snow! I really enjoy experiencing all the seasons here in upstate NY. But this year I am itching for spring and summer. Mostly because I have a toddler who loves to play outside!!! She's been out in the snow a few times and loves it. But some days its just too cold!

-Baby boy update! So far so good. Still going weekly for my cervix checks and progesterone shots. I will 25 weeks this Wednesday! Some days I feel as if its flying by...but most days I feel like the calendar isn't moving! We are trying to prepare for his arrival but it's tough with another little one in your life. No time to dote on this pregnancy like I did with Samantha. So sometimes I feel bad about that for the little man. But will be sure to give him extra love when he arrives. I was especially excited for last week...24 weeks (viability!). Of course after Samantha's early arrival I have been worried about another preemie. But just praying and keeping the hope that he will be full term or very close to it :) He is quite the kicker! I feel him so much more than I did with Sam! Oh and I have to pee about every 25 joke...but all worth it :)

I'll leave you all with some pics of my sweet pea....


Clap Clap Clap!

Big girl bed! We've since added a box spring. I didn't like the gap between the mattress and headboard. The big girl bed was a gift from her Nana for her upcoming 2nd birthday!

Some indoor snow play!