Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Blue" Christmas :)

Things have been so busy around here that I haven't had time to post! But I definitely wanted to share some Christmas pictures and some exciting news :)

Samantha is going to have a BABY BROTHER!!!! :) We are very excited!!!

I promise do post another update soon! Hope you all had a nice holiday :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Quick Update

Oh my. I might be the world's worst blogger. Samantha turns 21 months in a few days and I haven't even done a 20 month post! Oops.

So here's a quick update!

Samantha is just growing so fast! Lots of new words! Her favorite phrase is "Ohhhh coool" and "Wowww" and the other night she said "Merry Christmas" (not very clear..but she said it and I melted!). She's just so funny lately! Doing all sort of cute things and making us laugh. We LOVE her!!!!! This Christmas season has been pretty fun watching it through her eyes. She's sort of into Santa and our xmas tree. She picked out an elmo ornament the other day and hung it on the tree and now she waves at elmo on the tree and says "Hi Elmo!" Sooo cute.

Of course, there's the not so cute tantrum moments that we see sometimes. But in general she is a good girl! :) Sleep is still a tough one. Although, the other night she slept 12 straight hours in her crib!!! We were hopeful but usually she gets up once and sleeps with us the rest of the night. Bad I know..but hey whatever...we all need sleep and this is how we are getting it right now...

Food. Oh boy this is stressing me out. She has not be eating well at all lately :( All her favorites are no longer faves. We offer her what we eat...we offer her variety...nothing. She's been so picky. And as her mom I worry about it a lot. I just dont want her little belly to be hungry. We just recently started her on half dairy milk/ half soy milk. She's been on soy most of her life because she was not tolerating dairy well as an infant. But she's been better..and tolerating cheese and yogurt for a long time we are mixing her milk now and seems to be going well. We might try pediasure at some point. I just want to make sure she is getting the right nutrients :(

I cannot believe she will be two in 3 months! WOW.

New baby update: This pregnancy is going okay. I am just exhausted. Chasing a toddler ( and caring for two other kids during the day!) while pregnant is tough! We are almost 4 months along. Last week we had a scare at the OB's and they couldn't find the hearbeat on the doppler. SO SCARY. But we did get a free u/s to make sure baby was okay...and thank God...he or she was great! It was even waving at me! Starting next week I will be at the OB's EVERY WEEK up until the baby comes. Each week I will get a progesterone shot (I guess it helps keep baby in longer) a cervix check (HATE those ouch) and a regular check on my blood pressure. They are keeping a close eye on me because of the preeclampsia I had with Samantha and because I've already had a premature birth. They even had me do a very early gestational diabetes test, which I passed. But my OB is making take the 3 hour at 28 weeks. Super. Oh well, all this stuff will be worth it. They are planning me for a repeat csection at 37 weeks if God willing I go that long. Overall, I am just feeling blessed and hopeful that things will be okay!!!

Looking forward to Christmas with my little family :) LOVE this time of year!

I'll leave you with a few pics of my girl....

Looking for her tree

Celebrating her 20 month bday at Target 

Christmas cutie

I love this girl!

Crazy girl

Taken on Thanksgiving. Who needs turkey when there's golf clubs and Keurig cups to eat?

Getting into trouble at the NYS museum :)