Sunday, September 14, 2014

Carter is four months old!

And in a flash...he's four months old already!!! Can't believe it. Before I know he will be asking for the keys to the car and for an iphone22 lol

Our baby boy is getting SO big. Seriously, such a happy little chunker!!! He has his 4 mth appt on wednesday but Im guessing he might be close to 14 pounds! We shall see. I think he's teething already (constantly drooling and chewing on his hands) and he rolled over from back to belly for the first time a few weeks ago but hasn't done it since.

Carter's likes: His kick and play mat, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (he smiles and laughs when it comes on!), eating, talking/cooing, bathtime, his momma, his giraffe toy, hanging with sissy (as long as she's not hitting him!), flashing his smile and his dimple, mommy and daddy blowing raspberries on his belly :) 

Carter's dislikes: Being strapped into his carseat in the car (car rides are hit or miss...sometimes peaceful sometimes a screaming fit). But that's pretty much it for dislikes! He's a happy baby unless hes hungry or tired or in his car seat in the car...he doesn't like to be idle lol

Carter got baptized last Sunday! It was truly a  beautiful day spent with family and friends! 

And on the 4th of September my husband and celebrated 4 years together!

Samantha is wonderful. She is seriously growing up before our eyes! Sometime it makes my heart explode and sometimes it makes me sad because I just want to keep her my baby girl forever. She is just talking so much and doing so many new amazes us!!! She is doing really great on the potty and we are doing pull ups during the day and diaper at night. She's really come out of her shell too. Last year she was so shy and had stranger anxiety. This year she is our little social butterfly!!! She loves parties and playgrounds! haha I have noticed lately she is more into watching cartoons or movies and is playing more with her toys. Earlier this year she seemed to not have much interest in her toys anymore or watching anything on tv. And to be honest sometimes a cartoon is a lifesaver!! She is also exploring new foods which is good! She still LOVES to be outside. If she could sleep outside every night she probably would. Lately she is so funny..when she wants something she'll say "I want milk please, honey." Or "I want a muffin, sweetheart," It cracks us up. In general, she has been a great big sister! She loves to copy everything I say and do with Carter. Sometimes she'll get a littleeeee rough with him! But overall, she loves her "bubby" as we call him. My husband has been giving Samantha her baths at night since Carter was born and they have this cute thing they do every night where my husband says in this hip-hop sounding voice "What time is it??!" and Samantha replies with a big smile "Tubby time!!!" lol 

Next month, I am going away ALONE (gasp!) to Virginia for two of my cousins weddings. They are sisters and getting married the same weekend (to make it easier since a lot of family is out of town) and I am going alone because my husband is IN a wedding up here the same weekend. So we are each going solo. But I am already starting to have major anxiety about being that far from my babies!!! I know they will be in great hands between my husband and in laws, but still. My parents are going to be away that week too so they are not able to help. I know it will be good for me to get away...but I am anxious about it!

So excited that Fall is here!!!! So much to little time....

Here are a few pics of the kids....

Edited: At Carter's 4 month appt he weighed in at 14lbs 10oz 24 inches long!!