Saturday, November 14, 2015


Just like the season is are things at home for us!

I am headed back out into the working world! I have so many mixed emotions about this. Excited...nervous...sad to leave the kids...all sorts of thing running through my head right now! But it's time. For the last four years I have been home. I've also been babysitting another child full time at home. So this is going to be a huge change for all of us.....

I've accepted a full time position at a nearby college. I really think it will be the perfect fit once I get settled in. It's a ten month position so I will be able to be home with the kids for about 8 weeks during the summer. Plus, I get all the school holidays and a week paid between Christmas and New Year's. And the biggest tuition for my kids when they get older! I really couldn't pass this opportunity up. I feel like this a  really big blessing.

We were prepared to have to put Carter in daycare a few days, but we are so grateful to our inlaws and my mom who offered to help with the kids. Samantha goes to preschool two mornings a week and my husband is off on Mondays because he works Saturdays. So I'm hoping everything works out. I'm worried mostly about leaving Carter. Samantha already goes to preschool and other activities and spends a lot of time with my inlaws playing at their house. So she and I are sort of used to being apart. But Carter is my sidekick and we are always together. Its going to be hard for me.  I really hope we all adjust okay!!! Any words of support are greatly appreciated!!!

Carter turned 18 months old today! How? I have no idea. When they said time flies even faster with the second child...they weren't kidding. He is going great though :) Very social...and very handsome...and loves his momma haha He's really into trains lately!

Samantha is such a big girl now. Loving preschool and dance and gymnastics! The girl has a busier social calendar than we do! She's really excited for Christmas this year. It's super cute.

Here are a few pictures from our Fall photo shoot and Halloween. Samantha was Sophia the First and Carter was a Frog Prince :)

Frog prince!

Best pic I could get of the two of them! Carter is constantly on the move!

My beautiful baby girl at her school Halloween party!

Samantha and Kaya...BFFs!

18 months!


Chon said...

A photo of you!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the job! I hope the transition is a smooth one for everyone.

Good Timing said...

You will be great! And so will Carter! I really believe that things like this are way harder on us than them. Kids are so resilient! :)