Sunday, June 2, 2013

Photo dump!

So sorry friends. I know I have been a total slacker with this blog. I take partial blame and then the rest goes to Facebook and Instagram for existing. Sometimes it  seems so much easier and faster to update through those sites!  My apologies! This past month was super busy. Samantha started walking!!! She hasn't mastered it yet and still crawls around a lot. But everyday she takes more and more steps! She tends to do a "Step,step,step,step,step,run,run,run" routine :) It's the cutest thing. Things are going good. Everything seems so busy lately and most weeks are a blur! Although, I haven't been feeling so great. No, not pregnant. I think it's my thyroid. I am such a bad patient and I'm pretty mad at myself for not taking good care of ME! After Sam was born, I just sort of stopped taking my thyroid med and going to the doc. NOT GOOD. And lately, I really have been feeling like crap and I'm 99 percent sure it has to do with being off my thyroid meds for so long. So I am making an appt this week!!!

Samantha had her first professional photo shoot this past week! It was so exciting and I cannot wait to get all the pictures back! Will definitely share once we receive them all! She is going to be 15 months old next Saturday!!! I can't believe it! I feel like after they turn a year old it goes even QUICKER!!!

Here are a few photos of our girl!!

I have an obsessions with baby swimwear!

First time in the pool this summer! 

Memorial Day!

Sam and her BFF Kaya!

Her new love...BARNEY!

Look at me!! I'm a big girl!

"Does this bow make my butt look big?"

At her friend Amelia's 1st Birthday party!


kkasun said...

She is tooo cute!

Rebecca said...

She is growing so fast. Congratulations on her walking!

Good Timing said...

You got Instagram??? You better add me then! Let the stalking commence! ;) (lindzeeleigh)
Also, bffs wearing bows?! Ridiculously cute. Love it. I've been neglecting the blog lately too. I feel too tired and just get distracted doing other things like you said.
And girl, take care if yourself!! Glad you got an appt!