Sunday, July 13, 2014

A week of firsts and Carter turns two months old!

This Summer is flying by, friends. I mean FLYING BY. I need it to slow down.

Life has been busy! But I wanted to update the blog a little. This week has been a week of firsts for Samantha!
-First swim lesson!
-First time on a carosuel!
-First pee pee on the potty! Wooho! I may have cried a little :)
-First time out :( She's pretty rough (on purpose) with her little brother lately :(
-First walk in the double stroller! The thing is a beast! So heavy haha It was also the first time I was really exercising since my broken leg.

Samantha LOVES to be outside...always!!! I love that she is so active and loves the outdoors! But there are times where I'm wishing she would sit down and chill out with a Disney movie haha She is getting so big! And talking so much more! Love my princess!

Carter turns two months old tomorrow! About a week and a half ago he was 9lbs  4oz and 20 inches. I love cuddling with my little guy. He was pretty colicky when we brought him home but he is getting better. He is on a reflux med and I use lavender and serenity essential oils on his feet at night and this all seems to help! This week his has slept through the night 3 days in a row! He's really starting to chunk up and I love it :) And his smile?? This kid owns me :)

Here are a few pics of the kids! Cannot believe I can say "kids" plural! How did this happen?? lol

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer :)


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness, go Sam! Swim lessons and peeing on the potty, I'm so proud of her!! And Carter slept through the night 3 times in a row?!?!?! Go little man! That's so great your leg is well enough to start getting out with the stroller-beast! That's gotta be a good workout!

Liz said...

It is crazy to refer to "kids". Trust me, I know! Sam is such a big girl and her little bro has the cutest smile. I'm jealous he's sleeping so well. We have the city select baby jogger double stroller and it is seriously the most amazing thing ever. I can't recommend it highly enough!! Glad everyone is doing so well.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

You are full on a mom of two! Such amazing firsts and darling pictures.

Erica said...

adorable!!!! love all the firsts for S as well!!