Sunday, July 13, 2014

A week of firsts and Carter turns two months old!

This Summer is flying by, friends. I mean FLYING BY. I need it to slow down.

Life has been busy! But I wanted to update the blog a little. This week has been a week of firsts for Samantha!
-First swim lesson!
-First time on a carosuel!
-First pee pee on the potty! Wooho! I may have cried a little :)
-First time out :( She's pretty rough (on purpose) with her little brother lately :(
-First walk in the double stroller! The thing is a beast! So heavy haha It was also the first time I was really exercising since my broken leg.

Samantha LOVES to be outside...always!!! I love that she is so active and loves the outdoors! But there are times where I'm wishing she would sit down and chill out with a Disney movie haha She is getting so big! And talking so much more! Love my princess!

Carter turns two months old tomorrow! About a week and a half ago he was 9lbs  4oz and 20 inches. I love cuddling with my little guy. He was pretty colicky when we brought him home but he is getting better. He is on a reflux med and I use lavender and serenity essential oils on his feet at night and this all seems to help! This week his has slept through the night 3 days in a row! He's really starting to chunk up and I love it :) And his smile?? This kid owns me :)

Here are a few pics of the kids! Cannot believe I can say "kids" plural! How did this happen?? lol

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer :)