Thursday, March 19, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Parade and Carter turns 10 months!

My brother and my sister-in-law throw a fun St. Patrick's Day parade every year. They own a home on the parade route. So it is very convenient! We had a lot of fun! And our little man turned 10 months old!

This week we switched him to a convertible car seat and he said his first word "Mama"! Very happy about this as Samantha said "Dada" first :)

Cheeks for days.......
Pretty girl
Big boy! Last pic in his infant seat!
Mini BFF's
Slept through the whole parade! Even the sirens and bag pipers didn't wake this guy!
A boy and his Papa
They love each other!
Doesn't get much more handsome.
St. Patrick's Day flashback. Her first St. Pat's Day was in the NICU in 2012.


Rebecca said...

Wow he is getting big. We'll be getting E her convertible car seat here soon too. I still need to measure the back seat to figure out which one to get.

Good Timing said...

That's so cool about the parade! What a fun idea! :) And ️yay for Carter saying mama first!! M said uh oh first so I'm interested to see what the little miss will say. Love those cheeks for weeks!