Friday, April 27, 2012

G & B

So last night (at 2am) while I was up with Samantha, I caught the episode of Guilliana & Bill where they found out their IVF worked. Which started a full blown sob-fest. I was just so happy for them. And it brought back all the emotions we felt the day we got the news that our IVF worked. It was interesting to watch them preparing the embryos too and thinking that's how Samantha started out and her two brothers or sisters. Watching all this brought back everything of how we did transfer 3 babies. Two took. One made it to a live birth. Our sweet girl Samantha. Such a miracle. Seriously. It also got me thinking about a second child. A group of friends I know from hs have a "secret" group page where we can vent about anything and everything. But mostly it's Mommies venting and discussing. The other day the topic got brought up of having more kids. Everyone was discussing if and when they decided to have a second/third child. My initial feeling throughout my whole (horrible) pregnancy was that I just couldn't imagine having such a tough pregnancy again. And then our baby girl was born premature. Which definitely made me feel like this was it for us. One child. We were done. Not to mention how hard it was to conceive her. But looking at her now I just have a feeling she won't be our only child. That someday she might have a sibling. It honestly scares me to death to go through such an experience again that wasn't all that pleasant the first time. In a way I feel like we would be "tempting fate" or whatever the expression is. We were advised anyways by the doctors to wait 18mths after a premature birth to even try again. I guess this is to let the uterus heal completely? But I guess what I'm saying is that having a second isn't completely off the table. It's a possibility. We do have 4 frostie babies and come August we have to start paying for the clinic to keep them frozen. I guess time will tell what will happen. For now I just want to enjoy my baby girl and watch her grow!

I watched The Happiest Baby on the Block dvd the other day. And that night I tried some of the techniques out. And they worked! The first time that is. I tried again in the middle of the night when she was screaming and it didn't work. But I'm just going to keep at it. I've been trying to swaddle her more even though she seems to hate it. The doctor also had us trying a 1/2 a teaspoon of rice cereal in her 11pm bottle for a few days to help with reflux but it didn't really work. So now she is on Zantac twice a day which we just started last night. She did seem to have somewhat of a better night last night! Although this morning she seemed more cranky. I'm hoping after a few days the zantac will make a big difference!

Tomorrow is a big's Samantha's due date!!!


Samantha said...

I think enjoying your baby for now is a great plan. Go easy on yourself, you had a tough go of it. You'll make the right decision for your family in time.

If she really hates the swaddle, try something like the Woombie. We used the Woombie for about the first 8 months. Much easier to do than the swaddle and the baby has a bit of stretch to move her arms so she may resist less. Hang in there. It's about trial and error!

Stephanie said...

I have been crying too this season on G&B, and I am SOO excited for them! Tomorrow is a big day! Do you have anything planned?

myjourneythruinfertility said...

happiest baby on the block is the best thing ever!! keep at it :)

g and b- so so so happy for them and cried as well!

kkasun said...

Wow, you forget how premie she was!

I hope it get better!!

Rebecca said...

*nods in understanding* We have 4 'frosties' too and have been paying for their storage for a year now... it really makes me think about how long we'll keep them on ice for (our son is 12 months old), however I'm still happily breastfeeding and have been told that if we wish to use the embryos I can't be breastfeeding due to the hormones I'd be taking.

Candice said...

Isn't it such beautiful news!? I teared up just watching the preview! I wouldn't have made it through the episode :)
Wow! Her due date! What a special day!

Mrs. H said...

I don't watch G&B but I did hear about their soon to be baby this summer. I am happy for them. It really is such a difficult road. I'm hoping that we too eventually find the light at the end of our tunnel.

Matt and Krista said...

Honey- Samantha is just so beautiful, and I have a feeling she is just going to get more and more beautiful and look just like her Mama!!

I cried my eyes out when I watched G and B get the good news (even though I already knew,) I squeezed my babies a bit harder too and realized even more what little miracles they are. I'm so happy their difficult story is finally moving in a happy direction!!

The rice cereal worked for my little Landon, so maybe keep giving it a try and it might eventually work for your little one. Just start off slow so she doesn't get constipated.

Also, I feel the same way...during the pregnancy and right after the boys were born I thought this was it for us (because of how hard it was to conceive them and the difficult pregnancy (16 weeks of barfing, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, pre-term labor at 32 weeks, a week in the hospital, bedrest, etc.)) but now I'm not sure....they are so wonderful I'd just love to have one more! :-)

Liz said...

I love G & B and I am so happy for them. I balled my eyes out too when they got the phone call.

I thought you were going to go past your due date by a few days. Just think of this time as extra days you have gotten to love up on your sweet baby girl.

I have to get myself the best baby & toddler books. I really have no time to read so the dvd may be better.

Rebecca said...

Understandable how you are feeling about having another child. I think if I get lucky enough to conceive and give birth, well given my age, I'm just going to have the one.

I feel bad for your daughter and her reflux...its really no fun, I know first hand.

Hope you will soon get a full night's sleep.

Faith said...

I stil wonder if we will have another someday. It's hard not knowing or having a plan. But, right now in the thick of it, that just isn't a decision that needs to be made. Good luck with the crying and reflux. I remember those days with Jax. Zantac did work. And I agree with the comment about the woombie - I know a friend who swore by it. I didn't know about it when mine were that little, but we swaddled and our babies loved it. Good luck, hun!