Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still here

My Mother's Day present to myself! :)

Sorry for the lack of updates! Been pretty busy with le petit bebe. Ok, so what's new with Sam you ask? Well, good news first. She's sleeping better at night! Gets up once usually to eat and then it takes me a little while but I get back to sleep. So that's good! I am getting more sleep and it seems she has her nights and days figured out. Other good news is that the very expensive Neocate is helping! She seems to be a little better stomach-wise. We are waiting on the insurance company to hopefully approve the formula so we don't have to pay so much! And a rep had four free cans mailed to our house today, so that's good! The crappy news is the hemangioma on her neck is getting worse. It looks painful and is definitely causing her discomfort. It started to ulcerate (bleed/scab over) and then the scab came off and it's all raw now! My poor girl. We went to the doctor's yesterday and he is sending us to see a plastic surgeon tomorrow because it's so bad. She may have to get laser treatments. And in the meantime we are to give her tylenol and put neosporin on it. She's also 8lbs 1oz! The doc said (besides the hemangioma) she looks great! She's still not really smiling. Which is worrying me. She does half smiles but I have to really work for it. The doc isnt too concerned yet. He said he thinks the smiles will come once she's having discomfort anymore. He said we'll see what happens in a month and if she's still not smiling he may have her go for an MRI of her brain. When she was born she had a small bleed in her brain that's common with preemies. But the docs werent concerned about it as they usually heal on their own. The pediatrician just would want to make sure she doesn't have a hemangioma on her brain. Which I really hope is not the case! Just have to keep praying that she starts smiling soon! Although, since our girl has been sleeping better at night she get's cranking (that's what Matt and I call it when she gets cranky) during the day and especially in the early evening. But today was a little bit better. I will post a new picture soon! Just can't seem to find time in the day lately!

Samantha's favorite things right now:

-Walks in the stroller with her Dad!
-Laying up on her Dad's shoulder
-Mommy singing "You are my sunshine" to her
-When mommy tickles her
-She loves to look around at everything!
-Her sleep sheep and bouncy seat! 
-The sound of the vacuum!
-She loveesssss being naked on her changing table!
-She was loving lavender baths (but the past few times she cranked out)
-Late night car rides with mom and dad (we do this to calm her down)

OH! I can't believe I almost forgot to write about this! I have been filing her nails (too scared to cut them) and the other day I tried to cut them and cut the tip of her finger!! BLOOD EVERYWHERE! It was horrible. I'm mother of the year :( I'm not going near her with nail clippers every again! It was so traumatic!


Samantha said...

I'm glad things are getting so much better! I hope everything else resolves so that she doesn't need lasers or further tests. You're doing great, mamma!

carlia said...

i'm so glad she's sleeping better and that she's doing so well! poor thing, with the hemangioma. i hope it heals on its own. i still stress out about cutting mack's nails. when he was a newborn, they were so thin that i was able to just peel them off. it was so much easier! don't feel too bad about a little snip, though. at least you didn't drop her on her head like i did to my little sister once. ha ha! you really are doing great, though! hugs! :)

Babydreams2011 said...

You are doing so good! I used to BITE the boys nails when they were asleep!! I plan on doing this to new baby too, if it ain't broke don't fix it, ya know? LOL! Give that a try! :)

Faith said...

You are doing such a wonderful job! So glad to hear some things are getting better. I hope that spot on her neck clears up somehow very soon! Don't worry about the clippers - almost EVERY mom has that story to tell, lol! She'll never remember and she knows you didn't mean to hurt her:).

Lindsey said...

I'm do glad she's doing better. I'll be praying you get some more smiles out of her soon!! Also, I am also petrified of the clippers... My little guy is 4 weeks old and has had his nails cut 4 times, all by other people.... Now he's due again, I think I'll call my mom!

Liz said...

So happy to hear things are looking up for you guys! I am sorry about her neck. I am sure she will feel so much better when that her neck is on the mend. She seems to be growing really really well! What a big girl she is getting to be. I HATE doing baby nails so bad. It gets so much easier when the nails get gard and the child sits still for clipping.

kkasun said...

I'm glad she is doing better!

I hope they get everything figured out soon!

We did that TWICE.

I am pretty sure that happens to everyone, it's sad and you feel bad, but it happens.

Rebecca said...

I forgot how hard it is to cut a baby's nails. Maybe a battery powered nail filer would do the trick?

Anonymous said...

You may want to look into Propranolol treatment for the hemangioma or ask your doc about it-- it's a new-ish treatment for severe hemangiomas in infants, but if they're considering surgery, it might be worth a try beforehand! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You may want to look into Propranolol treatment for the hemangioma or ask your doc about it-- it's a new-ish treatment for severe hemangiomas in infants, but if they're considering surgery, it might be worth a try beforehand! Good luck!

Kristen said...

Love the necklace by the way!