Friday, November 16, 2012

Please read.

This young girl needs some hope and love right now...

While you're out this weekend picking up the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner, please pick her up a birthday card (or get crafty and make one!) and sent it to NYC. She is battling Leukemia. Her bone marrow transplant is this week and a few days later it's her birthday. Please, take the time do this. Then go hug your kids or someone you love a little tighter....

Good morning Brilievers!! ♥ It is Friday, know what that means? THIS IS THE LAST DAY of total body radiation!! =) Can you tell we are happy? Brianna's 15th birthday is just 5 days after her transplant ... November 28th. I am asking you all to send her a birthday card to help keep her spirits up! We still have not received our permanent transplant room here at the hospital, so please continue to use our address at the Ronald McDonald House.
Brianna Chase
c/o RMH Room 510
405 E 73rd St
NY, NY 10021

I'll tell ya what I'm thankful for this year, my daughter's good health...

Thanks xo

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