Friday, February 8, 2013

11 Months of Love

Samantha is 11 months old today!!!

 What's new with Samantha Roselyn, you ask? LOTS!

  • At the end of January, she finally had her hemangioma surgery! Thankfully, the incision is looking SO much better and (surprisingly)  it didn't seem to really bother her at all. We had a follow up last week and everything looks great. She doesn't have to go back until the summer for a check up. Our girl is so brave and such a trooper. 
  • She also started crawling! She had been scooting herself around for awhile, but just last week she started crawling forward! It is the cutest thing. Except, now she is into EVERYTHING. She loves playing with anything that is NOT a toy :) But we just love watching her crawl around and explore. Poor thing has rug burn on her knees from crawling so much! She has also been reaching up for things as to try and pull up. But hasn't yet. She also has been doing this gymnast tripod move where her legs are "standing" but the rest of her body is leaning over. So funny. 
  • She said her first word! And that would be "Dada" and of course my husband is thrilled!!! I'm a little bummed she hasn't said "Mama" yet but I've heard saying "Dada" is easier. And actually I love hearing her say anything so I am okay with her constant "Dada! Dada!" It's funny because I'll say to her "Say Mama" and she smiles at me and says "Dada!" :) 
  • She visited her first aquarium in Boston! 
  • She is loving her finger foods.  She now shovels Cheerios and Puffs into her mouth like they are discontinuing them in the stores. I was a little worried for awhile because, she seemed to only let me feed her them and all of the sudden she's Miss Independent :)
  • She's developed quite the little personality. She's sweet, and funny and sassy all at the same time. We can't get enough of her! Even when  she's being a little Diva! :) She never wants to miss anything!
  • She's also showing more of an interest in books. Before I would try to read to her or hand her a book and she could care less. Now, she actually likes to try and turn pages. 
  • My key to calming her down? Singing! She's loves hearing me (or anyone) sing songs to her! And she still a huge fan of us saying " Are you Dinky (meaning stinky)?" Anything in a high pitched voice makes her smile and laugh. 
  • Bath time! Loves, loves, loves it! All the sudden she has taken great interest in SPLASHING! And it's soooo cute!!! I really think she is going to love the pool this summer. We might start swim lessons this spring. 
  • Last time she was weighed (about two weeks ago) she was 16lbs and 25 3/4 inches long. Can someone say PEANUT FOR LIFE? :) 
  • She still has 6 teeth! But we think more are on it's way because it has been Drool Fest '13 up in here. She goes through a few bibs a day. I actually used to cringe at parents who left there kids in bibs all the time, but now I totally get it. I don't want her to feel cold and wet from drool all day. So yes, my kid rocks a bib most of the day. 
  • She loves to "dance" too. If she is sitting she does this little butt wiggle back and forth and if we hold her hands and she is standing up she bounces up and down if we say "Dance! Dance!"
  • Sam likes to mimic some sounds we make lately! Except for "mama" of course! 
  • She's in 12 month clothing (and depending on the brand some 12 month is tight on her! Which is strange because she is such a peanut) and size 2 diapers still! But we will probably move to 3 soon. 
  • With great sadness, I can tell you she hates wearing headbands now! They last about 20 seconds!
  • She's become better with the stranger anxiety. There was a time where a stranger would just look at her and she would burst out in tears. Now, she actually engages with more people. She's a tough audience, but sometimes strangers at the store will even get some smiles out of her! 
  • Sleep. Still not so great. She only cat naps during the day and has slept through the night twice...ever! But it's gotten a little bit better, as to where we put her down about 8 and then she usually needs to be patted back down a few times before 12-1. Then she eats and usually we have to put her in her swing to sleep the rest of the night. So technically right now, she's up just once and then up by 5-6 for the day. This is actually a huge step forward, believe it or not!! I think she is slowlllly (very slowly) getting to a better sleep pattern. I'm think maybe the crawling is helping with this as it burns more energy. But if I'm still blogging about her not sleeping when she is 5 or something? Someone please send help :)
  • Although, now she is having to learn how to share. Not just her space and her toys..but her Mommy too. I have started babysitting full time an (almost) two month old baby girl. And Sam is not toooooo happy about it! These first few days have been a little rough, as the new baby cries a lot. But we are learning how to get into a new routine. And hopefully it works out okay. But it has been tough for both her and I, because it was just us for son long and I was able to be one on one with her. It does break my heart though when I am feeding the new baby and she crawls over to me with tears in her eyes and reaching up for me! Kills me! But I'm sure we will adjust. 
  • Coming up is her 1st Valentine's Day and her 1st Birthday. Maybe you didn't read that correctly.....HER 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! :) Unbelievable. I really cannot believe it. I have a mixture of emotions of happiness and sadness. We are throwing her a Sesame Street party. I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest right now. So many cute party ideas! Not enough time to actually do them all. 
  • She is also having special 1st birthday pictures done in the beginning of March with an amazing private photographer! Pretty excited about that!
  • And to mark her 11 month birthday we are getting a foot of snow here in NY today! Maybe I will take her outside and sit her in the snow for the first time! She's only played with snow that I brought inside for her a few months ago. 
Here are a few 11 month photos I took of our sweet girl....

Couldn't resist this "Single and lovin it" onesie from Target :)

You know you are singing that Beyonce song in your head "All the single ladies! All the single ladies!" :)

Still trying to get at that headband....

It came off seconds after I snapped this one!


Bridget said...

I'm so glad her surgery went well! Now that she's crawling you're going to have so much running to do but it's such a fun stage! I love her outfit :)

Samantha said...

She's so cute with that headband!

Stephanie said...

What a great update! She is learning and doing so many new fun things, it's such a joy to watch, isn't it? That outfit is adorable by the way!

Marianne said...

OMG she is so cute!!!

Rebecca said...

She is really initiating her personality now. So glad to see that she is on track for her size. Hope to read that soon she'll be saying Mama. My first word was "NO". LOL

Good Timing said...

Happy 11 months, Peanut! :) can't believe soon you'll be one! Aren't you just a newborn lil tiny thing?!
But no, you are getting into everything and pulling off headbands. Heheh. Silly girl! You'll be walking and talking before your mama can blink!