Saturday, February 2, 2013

Friends, Fishies and Finances

On Friday, Samantha had a very overdue play date with her BFF Kaya. They are just so stinkin cute together! My girl will not leave headbands on lately!!! I'm sure they ARE probably annoying but they are so cute on her bald head. I just can't help myself.

"Hey Mom! This headband is about to come off."

" it goes!"


Today, we had to drive back to Boston for her follow up appointment. It went great! The incision is healing well and we don't have to go back until this summer. Since, we did drive 3 hours out there for a less than 30 min appointment, we decided to visit the New England Aquarium. It was fun to watch Sam look at the fish! But honestly, we think she just enjoyed Daddy carrying her around in the carrier! We were bummed because the aquarium is under construction and their huge ocean tank wasn't there! So we didn't get to see any cool big sharks or anything! But it was still a fun day. 

And no she isn't wearing the same outfit from Friday, I just seem to have a polka dot obsession! :)

In other news, I am going to be "working" again starting Monday! Working as in babysitting full-time for another baby girl. Sam's  cute new friend Alexandra who is not even two months old! I think it is going to be hard work since Sam is mobile now and I'll also have a teeny little baby to care for! But I'm sure I will get used to it. And don't tell me it's just practice for when I have another one, because I am NOT ready for another baby just yet! :) It will be good though, bringing in a little bit of money each week. Although, I think my biggest hurdle will be to try and not go stir crazy since I won't be able to leave the house during the day! And Samantha does not do well when we don't get at least one outing in! Pray for me :)


Liz said...

Good luck with the babysitting. That's so disappointing that the aquarium's big tank was closed. The Boston aquarium is one of my favorite places ever. Sam is so cute even without her headband. So glad her incision is healing so well!

grkanga said...

Ummm.... why can't you leave the house with two babies? I simply do not know if it has to do with strollers or neighborhood or what. Do know it is good for everyone of every age to get outdoors even briefly each day. And if the babysitting gig is going to really work you will need to go places...
Hope there is a solution!

Lauren said...

Happy to hear everything went well in Boston! That stinks the big tank wasn't open, that thing is awesome. I wonder what they do with all the fish that live in there...there are some HUGE fish, sea turtles and sharks normally. Hopefully you got to see all the penguins though. Good luck with the new little one next week, you will do great with two and i'm sure you'll get a routine down. The groundhog didn't see his shadow today so it should be an early spring... So maybe once it gets warm you can get Sam and the other baby out for a walk at least each day! :)

Good Timing said...

How cute are they?!? Love them!! :) and the headband pulling off is awesome. The monster pulls off his toques now hehe. Glad the incision is healing up do nicely. And good for the babysitting gig. There will be an adjustment period but you can do it! One babe in the stroller, one in the carrier and get out, especially when it will be spring. Can the mom leave you the car seat so you can go out? :) you'll do great!!!

Faith said...

Haha with the babysitting job - otherwise known as my life, lol. I hope you can get her carseat and maybe an infant carrier and go out. I did not get out nearly as much when they were both babies but getting out was imperative for all of us. One thing I did every day, weather permitting, was walks - half hours walks. Good for them, good for me. Those walks were key to my sanity lol!

So glad to hear she is healing well! We went to an aquarium last weekend - the kids loved it:). And Addy went through a bow pulling of stage, but she pretty much leaves them in now - of course her hair is SO long that I have to put her hair up and then put on the headbands lol! But I spent a fortune on those things so she IS wearing them;)!

Rebecca said...

Meh about the outfit resembling the one in the other picture. Even if it was the same one I'm sure you do plenty of laundry with a baby in the house.

Aquarium looks like fun. I always liked going to them too.

Ooh another kid in the house sounds like fun but not much rest for you if Sam has a rough night.