Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Sweet Homecoming

On this day last year we were finally able to bring our sweet Peanut Princess home from the NICU! I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were SO excited, happy, nervous, grateful and terrified all at the same time! Here we were with this itty bitty baby who had been in the care of medical professionals for a month and now it was our turn. This is the day our family truly became a family and our hearts became whole! She BARELY fit in her car seat at the time and we thought she would never outgrow it, but she did! Love you so much it hurts baby girl....xoxoxo


Sarah said...

Can you believe she was that teeny?! So cute!

Rebecca said...

I'd forgotten how tiny she was. So glad she is doing so well now.

Good Timing said...

Wow. Things can sure change in a year can't they?!