Monday, April 1, 2013


We had a lovely Easter! It was great but super busy too! We went to church, then to my MIL and FIL's and then to my Mom and Step-dad's house. Needless to say we were EXHAUSTED by the time we got home! It sort of felt like Samantha's first Easter since last year she had been home only 5 days from the  NICU. Things were so scary and new then, that we didn't really do much that day!

Since the Bunny scared her at the mall...I gave him old carrots! 

Samantha's first ever Easter Basket! We filled it with a box of Annie's bunny pasta, Gerber  yogurt/veggie melts, an Elmo bunny hop book, a giant rubber ducky that goes over the tub faucet, a rubber ducky with bunny ears, a little fuzzy chick that chirps when you hold it, carrot shaped bubbles, an Easter bib, Elmo Easter stickers and a few empty plastic eggs that she likes to play with! The bear in front with the bunny ears is so special since I took a pic of her with it last year. Plan to have it somewhere in an Easter pic every year!

Last year on Easter! She was also exactly one month old that day! 

My pretty Easter girl...

Opening day for the Mets!!

In other news, looks like Samantha doesn't tolerate Cow milk well :( I am so bummed  about it. We started it last week and she just progressively got worse. Sleep disturbed, really gassy, extra fussy and crying! And even though she looked so pretty on Easter and we had a good time, she had a really tough day :( Cried a lot. So we called the doc this morning and he said to try her on Soy milk now and we will revisit Cow milk another time. My poor girl. 


Lauren said...

Sam looked beautiful on Easter even though her tummy was bothering her! I can't believe how little she was last year with that bunny!! I love how you're going to tie it into her Easter pics every year,such a cute idea. Hope her lil tummy does better with the soy milk.

Lauren said...
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Stephanie said...

Haha, the letter you left for the EB cracked me up. Chloe was scared of the EB at the store this year too. I love Sam in her pink dress - beautiful girl!

Liz said...

So cute! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful holiday. She looks so pretty in her dress!

Good Timing said...

Lol at the note! And I love last urar's pic compared to this year. How was she so little?! How has it been over a year?!