Wednesday, May 8, 2013

14 Months!

Yeah, I guess that's baby is 14 months already!!!

Here she is checking out Baby Facebook this afternoon. Even the babes love social media I guess ;)


"Look at all the pictures that my friends mommies are posting of them!" 

Status update: "About to pull this headband off...drink some milk..and then refuse an afternoon nap."

"Ughhh! All these notifications are driving me nuts!"

"Let me quick type up a personal message to my bff Kaya, I have some gossip to share!"

"Can you believe I'm 14 months? Me neither. It's mind blowing!"


Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

She is a doll! Happy 14 months!

Stephanie said...

Haha, these pictures are awesome! Love her!

Erica said...

she is just too cute!!! Love your photo commentary :)

Rebecca said...

I love how you narrate the photos. Had to share with my husband.