Monday, May 6, 2013

Walking for Babies

This past Sunday we attended a March of Dimes walk in our area. It was a gorgeous day for it too!!! It was so nice to walk with people who have been through similar experiences. I think we will do it again next year! We had some of our family walking with us and raised about $275 from generous donations. Also, two of Samantha's NICU buddies were walking as well! Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of them! So great to see them all beautiful and thriving!

Team Peanut Princess! I had this adorable shirt made for her.

Sam and her Nana ( my mom)

Checking out the beads! The teal beads stood for prematurity.

Samantha and her Daddy

Snoozin' on the job...

Sam and her 91 year old Nanny! Both rollin' along :)

Of course, Mommy had to get balloons to match her poster :)

Sam with her Nana and Papa

We let her balloons go after the walk. They got stuck in a tree and I thought it looked kind of pretty!

***Sadly, later that day after the walk my 91 year old Nana became very ill and had to go to the hospital. She is a fighter and is doing a bit better! But it was scary there for awhile! Praying she bounces back and gets to go home!***


Lauren said...

Sam looked so cute at the walk, and like she was having fun! That's really cool you guys did that! Praying for your Nana, what an awesome Great-Nana she must be so roll and support her great granddaughter at 91, sounds like a wonderful lady!

Stephanie said...

What a great event! Glad you were able to participate and see some of Sam's buddies.

Shannon said...

Sam is just too stinking adorable. I hope your Nana is ok! That's so scary! I love seeing them side by side. Precious! I'm playing catch up with everyone's blogs today! FINALLY! :) I still just can't believe how quickly your sweet tootsie has grown. It seems like yesterday you were still pregnant!!!!

kkasun said...

Purple is her color, she looked adorable!!!!!!

What a wonderful way to help others in the future! I have a friend who has been doing the walk for years and it is just such a wonderful cause!

Liz said...

Oh this is wonderful! I am sure the docs and nurses love seeing the little ones back. Sam is such a sweetheart! But you already knew that.

Rebecca said...

Hoping your Nana is doing well.