Saturday, March 1, 2014

Picture Post

Here are a few recent pictures of my girl! :)

Things have been so busy here. Preparing for Samantha's 2nd birthday next week (GASP! Can't believe she will be 2...and yes I will probably say this about every birthday!). And we are preparing for baby boy's arrival (which in my heart of hearts I think he will come early). So between all of this..and working...and chasing a toddler...and weekly OB appts....things are busy and exhausting here!

I haven't been feeling so great. I am already so big and heavy that it's taking a toll on my 5'0 frame body. I will be 28 weeks this week. Lots of tests coming up. The 3 hr glucose and growth scan. Soon I will be down to just the progesterone shots once a week but no more cervix checks. So far my BP is okay but I am feeling worse this time around. Weird. I actually passed the one hr glucose this pregnancy, but since I had GD with Samantha, they want me to still do the 3 hr. I am praying this little guy makes it close to full term...but if I'm being honest I think he will be an early bird as well. I have been nesting quite a bit when I can...just want to make sure everything is in order if (IF!) he comes early.
Valentine's Day cutie

Her shirt says "I like big bows and I cannot lie" (go ahead sing other brothers can't deny) haha
Anyways, stayed tuned for Samantha's birthday party post next week! :)


Play date profiles (Samantha and her bff Kaya)


Good Timing said...

How is your baby girl going to be 2?!?! Eeeeeek. Then that means my M is turning two shortly thereafter! Yikes! Can't wait to see all the pics from her party! She will love it!
I hope your lil guy stays snuggled in there for awhile longer still. It would sure be nice to not have to go through all that NICU stuff again. :s
So glad to hear you passed the GD test this time around. That gives me hope that maybe I would pass it too?! Lol!

Amber said...

I ADORE her big bows shirt!!! That is amazing!!! I can't believe you're in the 3rd trimester already. This baby boy will be here in no time!!!!

Sarah said...

2 already?!?! She's just a doll and you're going to have to tell me where you find all her cute accessories for our baby girl coming this summer!!

Liz said...

I can't believe how big she's getting! Great news on passing your 1 hr test, hoping you have the same luck for the 3 hr. Hoping baby boy stays put a while longer.

Bridget said...

I can't believe she's already going to be 2!! And good luck with all of your tests!!

Rebecca said...

Hoping your son decides to stay in longer than Sam did. How about a bump shot? I have bump envy at 19 weeks and still no bump.