Saturday, April 18, 2015

Easter and Carter turns 11 months old!!

Sometimes I get a bit sad over this blog and how it's mostly a place for me to photo dump and keep a quick record of things that are going on. Sometimes I miss those days when I would blog for hours just typing up my thoughts and experiences at a leisurely pace.

However, the reason (the two reasons) I am not able to do that anymore are well worth it :) They are the two things I blogged about having someday! My little wishes-come-true. Just sometimes I feel a little guilt that I don't keep it up as often as I should. As well as reading and commenting on other blogs.

On that note...cheers to another photo dump!!!

Just doesn't get any better. Blessed.


I mean...come on...

Baking Easter cupcakes with her Nana

Goodies for the girl!
First time with no tears!

Easter egg FAIL. Tried using fake dyeable eggs. Bad idea.

Carter's first Easter basket

Hello beautiful.

The bunny showed up!

Silly girl

Sam and Kaya...BFF's

Playing outside is her love language.

This guy. Be still my heart.

Easter egg hunt!

Lets go Mets!

11 months!

Carter will be ONE next month. I cannot wrap my head around it.
A few of his stats are:

-7 teeth
-About 22 lbs
-Wears 18-24 mth usually now
-Loves cheerios and his water cup
-Has the cutest smile and laugh
-Says Mama, Dada, Baba
-Is cruising and will stand alone but has not taken steps yet
-Might be allergic to Vanilla..we had a little scare...and he will have to wait to be tested :(
-Still loves to jump
-Is into EVERYTHING! haha
-Loves his bink (pacifier)
-Very social and friendly
-Nickname: Bubby
-Adores his sissy
-Size 4 1/2 wide shoe
-Carter's motto "If I can't put it in my mouth, it doesn't exist." :)


ADSchill said...

I do love seeing the kiddos! I understand missing the actual blogging aspect of it all, which is why I have been really trying to read, comment, and write a little. It's hard to find time, but I find it so freeing and it's the only way I stay connected to anyone who "gets" me. Just do what you can. I also can't believe how big/old our babies are getting. Mine is closing in on 2.5! Eek!

Lauren said...

Love Carter's motto lol. Love the update as always! You and Kristen are so funny with the girls matching outfits, how many do they have now haha :)