Sunday, December 5, 2010

Easy like a Sunday Morning

I'm having a little bit of "blogger's block." I guess I'm still processing things and learning to just try and move forward. Nothing really going on this cycle. I decided against buying the $20 dollar ovulation tester. Just can't spend the money on that. So I guess we are just in "see what happens" mode. I don't really have it in me to track anything with my cycle this time, anyways. We got our tree on Saturday!! After some TLC it no longer looks like a Charlie Brown tree :) We went with the economy tree, but with some love it looks really pretty! I have a long weekend, which is nice. Our wedding photos finally arrived!! Now the hard part is to decide which ones to frame or give as gifts!

I haven't really decided yet what we are going to do for this next cycle that will start (or hopefully WON'T start) before Christmas. I'm going to have to order the meds in a hurry if we want to go ahead with another injectibles cycles. I don't think we are going to look into IVF right now. I've been getting some good advice about that, and it seems like not something we need to do right now. We are still "sort of" young and we have conceived before, so the odds are still in our favor.

Just taking it easy on this very cold Sunday. Watching football with the hubby :) I saw some snowflakes today! And tomorrow I'm having lunch with my mom :)

I remembered this morning that our glass angel ornament was in the bedside table. My mom gave it to us last year after we miscarried. And after Christmas last year I put in my bedside table, because I wanted it close to me all year long. I went to go get it to put it on the tree and one of the angel's wings are broken off. How symbolic of how I've been feeling lately. But I'm still going to hang it on the tree!

Tomorrow is December 6th. Last year on December 6th I took a pregnany test, saw two (surprising!) beautiful pink lines. Along with my wedding day, that morning of December 6th, was the happiest day of my life...


Moe said...

December 6th is one of my very favorite days of the year because it's St. Nick Day. :)

I'll be praying that something wonderful happens this month when you're "taking it easy trying" :)

kkasun said...

Well, I am hoping for a successful cycle for you! We are somewhat cycle buddies as I will find out on the 22nd if we are or aren't.
Fingers crossed for both of us!