Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't stop Christmas...

It's like the Polar Express. It's coming fast, will definitely be on time and believe it or not, is full of magic. I have always loved Christmas and everything about it. This year however, I feel like I'm just pushing myself through it. I do have some Christmas spirit in me, but it's definitely not the same. Not as excited about Christmas shopping because money is tight. My honey and I put up lights outside the house and this weekend we are getting our tree. I'm excited but there's this cloud over me. Last year, we miscarried a few weeks before Christmas. THAT was tough. But for some reason I feel a little more sad this year. Probably, because right after the miscarriage we were so hopeful that we would get pregnant again right away. We thought for sure that since it happened once already, it was going to be somewhat easy to conceive again. Well, it's been a year already. A YEAR!!! 12 months has gone by. :(

And still no baby.

I'm hoping for some Christmas magic. I want to hop aboard the Polar Express and have Tom Hanks hole punch "B-A-B-Y" into my ticket. In the meantime, I'm going to try and let myself enjoy this holiday. And I'm going to start by watching Rudolph on TV tonight!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post! I got some much needed reassurance :)And I found out today our wedding photos will be here tomorrow or Thursday!! Moe-I had that Clear Blue Easy Monitor, but my ex-husband threw it away. All $300 of it. Yeahhhhh.


Moe said...

OMG!!!!! That's so terrible. :( I would go out and buy you a new one right now if I had a job. Seriously. :(

I feel you on finding it a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit this year too...I better get my act together soon!

Moe said...

Me again. Seriously - I feel like I stalk you. I was just wondering if you had a St. Gerard (or St. Rita) medal. Not sure if you're Catholic or not (not that it matters) - but my family is and we hand out St. Gerard medals to women trying to get pregnant like it's our job. Seriously... My grandmother kept a ton of them and gave them to women who wanted to get pregnant ALL THE TIME. Since then her daughters have started doing it...and now her granddaughters do it too. :) I didn't know if you had one - but if you don't I would like to mail one to you.