Monday, October 8, 2012

7 months!!!


I'm back and another month older! Can you believe it? I know, I know. The Mommies and Daddies blink and us babies get bigger and bigger and bigger. Although, I'm still in the "peanut" category :) It's been a great month! Mommy and Daddy say that I'm becoming this "little person." I've been much happier in general (still not a fan of the car though!) but overall life is pretty sweet right now. I've been practicing sitting up on my own. Phewww, it's a lot of work people. I almosssttt have it and any time my parents try and hold me (horizontal) I use all my muscles and sit myself up! I can go about ten seconds unassisted but then I do a face plant. Well, Momma catches me before that happens. It usually goes something like this in my head...

"Ohhh yes! I'm sitting up! I'm sitting up! I've got this!" (slowly tipping over)

"Whoooa...whooooaaa...going down...oh no! (Momma catches me)

"Phew! Thanks Mom, that was close!"

I'll get there. I know I'm gonna be a champ at walking! I love to stand up with my strong little legs! And lately I have started putting one foot in front of the other. The rents think I'm a genius when I do this.

I have a boyfriend. His name is Elmo. This guy makes me smile so big! I am going to marry Elmo someday.

Here is a current list of my likes and dislikes...

-Pears, carrots, peaches and sweet potatoes! Those are my favorite jar foods so far.
-I'm drinking 3-6 oz of Prosobee (soy) formula about every 3 hours. And I eat jar foods twice a day!
-I love being carried around in my "back(chest)pack." I love to face out and my Dad loves carrying me around in it!
-As I mentioned earlier, ELMO. Sesame Street is general is pretty cool. Whenever Elmo comes on I kick my feet really fast with excitement!
-I love being outside.
-And I love hearing my own voice! Screeching is fun!
-I love to pick up toys, bat at toys, and put toys in my mouth! It's great.
-Bath time! Or as I like to call it "Spa" time. I think once I can sit up on my own it will be even more fun to splash in the water!
-Whenever I'm really tired I put a hand over my face. This cute little move makes hearts melt.
-My Dad does this funny thing with his voice. He says (in a high squeaky voice) "Did you go pee-pees??" And I smile and giggle like crazy! It's just so funny. He's a riot.
-I love rocking and cuddling with Mom in the rocking chair before bed. Sometimes she sings or reads to me. I like this gal. She's always there for me.
-I recently started liking a lovie to cuddle with. Daddy gets freaked out that I'm going to cover my face with it, but mommy keeps a good eye on me and plus I just like the feel of something soft on my cheek when I'm trying to sleep or sad.
-Peek a boo! Have you heard of this little game?? It's awesome. You should try it.
-Still in size 2 diapers! Might have to move to 3 soon!
-Wearing a variety of sizes! Still fit in Newborn/Size 1 shoes. Clothes (depending on brand) can go anywhere from 3 months to 6-9 months! I'm all over the chart. And of course, all my pants are super long. Just like my Momma :) Hats. I'm running out of hats! My head is huge I tell ya!!!
-Car rides. Still not fun. I think it's just I don't like being strapped down to something. I like to be FREEEEE!
-Naps. Getting better with naps but most of the time I still nap like a cat.
-My sleep schedule was pretty good for awhile, but something's up with me because lately I've been way off! I think Mommy is trying this cry it out thing but I'm not all that crazy about it.
-My sore gums :( It's happening. I am teething.
-Strangers. Stranger anxiety seemed to be in full effect. But as of the last few days, I'm becoming a bit of a social butterfly. I'm learning not (everyone) is scary :) Some people are and smell funny too. But most people are friendly and say sweet things about me.

Check out the candy corn photo shoot....

And guess where we are going today? Apple and pumpkin picking! My first time! I am so excited :) What a great way to celebrate 7 months. You think they'll let me eat a cider donut? Yeah, probably not. Bummer.

See ya next month!



Chon said...

7 months!!! You've grown south. Orange is so your colour :)

Ps love your head bands!

cdg said...

so sweet

Stephanie said...

Such great pictures! Sam sure has been busy this month. We went to an apple orchard yesterday too, hope you all had a blast!

Amber said...

Cider donuts?!? Tell me more! That sounds amazing. I can't believe she's 7 months old already. She sounds so much like Paisley did at that age. It only gets better from here. :)

Good Timing said...

Awww I love these pics and this update. So glad everything is going so well. Happy 7 month Sam! You're getting to be such a big girl almost sitting up. How was apple picking?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Happy 7montha Sam you are doing so much!!