Saturday, February 26, 2011

ABCs of Me

A couple of my blog friends posted this and I thought it would be fun to join in!

A) AGE-31 (approaching 32 in less than two months. Ouch.)

B) BED SIZE- Full! I used to need a queen. But since meeting my love, I like being all smushed and cozied up together. Now ask me this when I'm 9mths preggo someday, and I'll probably say I need a King size :)

C) CHORE YOU HATE- Cleaning the tub. For some reason no matter how much I scrub or try different products I can't seem to get it sparkling clean. It's so frustrating!!!

D) DOGS-Our sweet 3 year old Goldie was hit by a car and killed last month. I'm so heartbroken every day about it...

E) ESSENTIAL PART OF YOUR DAY ITEM- I would have to say my compact face powder. I use it many times throughout the day, because I seem to have the skin of a 13 year old.

F) FAVORITE COLOR- It's a tie at light blue and pink. I don't have baby on the brain or anything, do I? :)

G) GOLD or SILVER- Silver. But white gold is nice too. I've never been a fan of yellow gold. Looks pretty on some people, just not on me.

H) HEIGHT- I could pass for one of the Wizard of Oz munchkins. I'm 5 feet tall. I actually might be 4'11 1/2 but I just round up to 5'0. Shhhhh.

I) INSTRUMENTS YOU PLAY- The recorder :) Kidding. Who invented those? They make the most annoying sound and what's even more genius is that they hand them out to a bunch of third graders. Yikes. Anyways, I did play the flute from 5th grade through 12th grade. Insert "This one time at band camp" line. But I stopped loving it at about 7th grade. I was one of those kids in the band who pretended to play a lot of the time. Crazy thing is, is that I can pick up a flute and still play a scale. It's like riding a bike. The instruments I would love to know how to play are the piano, violin and guitar...

J) JOB TITLE- I teach iddie-biddie-kiddies also know as "Waddlers" at our center. They haven't quite mastered the art of walking yet, so they waddle. Hence, the nickname "Waddlers." Cute right?

K) KIDS- Workin' real hard on it. And I'm hopin', dreamin' and prayin'...

L) LIVE- Upstate New York. I <3 NY.

M) MOM'S NAME- Wonderful. I mean, Barbara :)

N) NICKNAMES- I've never really had a nickname. But my hubby and I call each other "Boo Bear." Stop laughing :)

O) OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY- I'm saving up my first hospital stay for when I have a baby. I planned it like that. ha.

P) PET PEEVE- I think my biggest pet peeve is when people don't say "Thank you" when you hold the door for them. It's just rude.

Q) QUOTE FROM MOVIE- Ahhh! They are so many movies I love! But if I had to choose one or two right now they would be:

Sleepless in Seattle...
Doctor Marcia Fieldstone: People who truly loved once are far more likely to love again. Sam, do you think there's someone out there you could love as much as your wife?
Sam Baldwin: Well, Dr. Marcia Fieldstone, that's hard to imagine.
Doctor Marcia Fieldstone: What are you going to do?
Sam Baldwin: Well, I'm gonna get out of bed every morning... breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while I won't have to remind myself to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out... and, then after a while, I won't have to think about how I had it great and perfect for a while.
Doctor Marcia Fieldstone: Tell me what was so special about your wife?
Sam Baldwin: Well, how long is your program? Well, it was a million tiny little things that, when you added them all up, they meant we were supposed to be together... and I knew it. I knew it the very first time I touched her. It was like coming home... only to no home I'd ever known... I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like... magic.


Pretty Woman...

[Kit is trying to cheer up Vivian]
Vivian: Tell me one person who it's worked out for.
Kit: What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name... I got it. Cindafuckin'rella!

R) RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED- Right. But aren't all women BOTH? We are the ultimate multi-taskers :)

S) SIBLINGS- A younger brother and an older step-brother.

T) TIME YOU WAKE UP- Most days, 6am. And then I hit the snooze button for 15 minutes. Not a morning person. But my hubby totally is!

U) UNDIES- I have a big collection. Sexy, not so sexy, old, new, boyshort, bikini, some thongs. But my everyday go-to's are Victoria Secret cotton bikinis with fun prints on them. Kind of boring but so comfy. Hey, at least I didn't say " Days of the week" undies :)

V) VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE- I'm not a big follower of squash and cauliflower. But I do love most other veggies!

W) WHAT MAKES YOU LATE- Hmmm, do you mean what makes AF late? Well. Could be stress, sickness, stubbornness. But most of the time (except once) not pregnancy. Something that really makes me late for things would be trying to find something to wear. I'm really picky about how things fit and feel on me, so there are quite a few times I am running late because I am in tears and destroying my closet...

X) XRAYS- Lots. Mostly dental, GI, and fertility related...

Y) YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE- (bowing head in shame) I'm not a very good cook. I can follow a recipe but I have no desire to whip up something new and delicious. I do, however, enjoy baking. And I can make (mix and frost) a pretty good cupcake. I have a fascination with fancy cupcakes. My Nana makes the best banana bread on the planet. She would be ashamed to know her only grand-daughter SUCKS at most things that go on in the kitchen :)

Z) ZOO ANIMAL (FAVORITE)- My hubby and I went to the Miami Zoo back in October. We had so much fun! I would have to say my favorite was the Giraffes. I got to feed one and it's long black tongue slurped my arm! It was so gross and so cool at the same time! In the gift shop I bought this cute little giraffe stuffed animal with bugged out eyes. It's adorable and sits atop our tv in the bedroom.

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Jillington, a.k.a. the Polack said...

Thanks, Sarah! I stole this for a board I participate in. I love Pretty Woman, too!