Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No need.

Hi Blogger friends. No need to put a mirror at my mouth to see if I'm breathing. Nor is there a need to poke me with something sharp. I am alive and well. Just been super busy with..well...life! :) I plan on catching up on my blogging and all of you this weekend. And if any of you were wondering, no need to think I might have been preggers, because that would be just..well...silly. :) A real post is on it's way, I promise. Girl Scout's honor. Mmmmm, Samoas. And it will contain topics such as: wedding planning, antibiotic hell, my lovely man, Glee, another one bites the dust cycle, the dumping of my OB/GYN, and much much more :)


Amber said...

You are too funny! I look forward to hearing all of your updates soon. Hope you've been doing well.

Kristen said...

OK, got my login info figured out again....... and I am all caught up on all your posts now - Phew! Miss you lots! We need to plan our get together soon --- I need to see your ring and talk wedding talk with you, etc etc!!! :o)