Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wanna feel bad about yourself?

Go hang out in a Babies "R" Us for a little while...

Today was a beautiful day in Upstate New York. Sunny, blue skies, and almost 80! This morning I ran over to Babies "R" Us to check out some stuff for an upcoming baby shower. I have a love/hate relationship with Babies "R" Us. It's so much fun looking at all the wittle baby stuff and making mental notes on what I might want someday. It's also pretty fun shopping for other people and I tend to get a little carried away, until my wallet slaps me in the face. But my mental notebook is already pretty full of nursery stuff and clothes and toys for when it's our turn someday. For the most part, the 30 minutes I spent in there, weren't all that bad. You learn a lot looking through all the new baby gadgets and things they have. I did however start to feel a little heartbroken, when I saw a few couples come in and register for baby things. They were so happy with their cute little baby bumps. I just wanted to feel that way too. I let myself be sad for a minute and then bucked up. Some of those couples could have spent years struggling with IF and miscarriages. So, as one cute preggo and I reached for the same item. I smiled and let her go ahead and take it. I even commented on her pretty maternity top. It was lavender with a satin lavender bow around the middle. I've come to realize I have a slight obsession with cute maternity clothes. Even though I believe most preggos could wear a Glad trash bag and put a bow on their bump and look fabulous...

After the Babies R' Us adventure, I went and visited my mom and stepdad and my doggy, Nole! It was so good to just hang out with them for awhile. My stepdad is just getting over bronchitis and now my mom has bronchitis and pneumonia. Hopefully they are feeling better soon! It's never fun being sick, and on a beautiful weekend too! My honey and I made a nice dinner while we watched "The Last Samurai." It was on one of the movie channels. Matt said he wants to get himself one of those samurai robes. I think he was joking, but in any case, I shot that down very quickly. :)

So, has anyone else had the Rhogam shot? They gave me one in the hospital when we miscarried. (Because, of course, I have some toxic blood type, that could harm myself and/or the fetus.) My complaint is that the area where I got the (oh so painful) shot, still hurts! And it's been almost 4 months now. There isn't a bruise, but it still aches now and then. Is that normal? Anyone else had this problem? Not to mention, that I just googled the Rhogam shot and found all this negative information about it on how it contains an insane amount of mercury. If anyone can shed some light on this, please let me know!

Have a Happy Easter, everyone! May you be BD'ing (baby dancing) like bunnies and may there be some good "eggs" in your "basket." :)


1) How do I get a signature to appear on my blog?


2) My honey just returned home with some goodies to eat while watching the game. He got me a flintstones candy necklace. hah! And for some reason, I think this is absolutely adorable of him...


Amber said...

Good for you for braving Babies R Us. I'm still too afraid to go in there even with my bump... still feel out of place! I also love the candy necklaces and I think it was really cute of your husband! Happy Easter!!!

Littlest True Blue said...

I love cute totally pointless gifts like candy necklaces! They are the best kind! Babies R Us scares me, I avoid at all costs!!!