Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Four Dads

Remember that show back in the 90's (or late 80's?) called "My Two Dads"?? Loved that show. Not really sure why I mention this, but I guess it just helped me come up with the title for this post :)

Between my husband and I we have four dads. My dad, my step-dad, my husband's dad and my husband's step-dad. The more the merrier. Although, sometimes it's really hard to visit with everyone on days like this. Today my husband and I had to split up. I drove down to see my dad and my husband went to a bbq with his dad. They don't live near each other so it wasn't going to work out visiting both places.

This morning tugged on my heart a bit. My husband had texted two of his close friends who are first time dads. He wanted to wish them a "Happy First Father's Day." Then he looked over at me and sighed, "Someday it'll be our turn" he said. I think my heart filled with hope and broke into pieces all at the same time. I just know my husband is going to make an amazing Daddy. I feel like we are just waiting to flip the "go" switch. Or like a show we have been rehearsing for and we are just waiting for opening night. We're going to be great parents, I just know it. This kid is already super loved and he/she has not even been conceived yet...

I'm very confident that next Father's Day is going to be a whole different ballgame :)

***AF update (for anyone who's been holding their breath to know the status of my lady parts): I think Tuesday's surgery is a go!***


beauty and insanity wrapped into one said...

yaaay for tuesday.. i hope things work out.. and yes.. of course next year will be different.. no matter what.... life is amazing and stay strong... <3

Lauren said...

You guys are definetely going to be AMAZING parents, I can't wait until your opening night! So happy to hear Tuesday is probably a go!! I will be thinking of you!

Marissa said...

Me and my embryos will cook up some smores for you post-op! (Surely such gooey deliciousness is approved by your doc.)

Happy pre-Father's Day to you and your husband. Your kid(s) will be spoiled rotten with all those grandpas!

Baby Hopes said...

So glad Tuesday is a go!!! Hang in there... I have confidence that next year will be different for you!

Faith said...

Next year WILL be different and you will be amazing parents! At your worst moments (and we ALL have them), you will remember how desperately you want and love your child, and you will be able to keep on keepin' on, just like you are now. This is preparing you for some dark moments of least that's how I have felt about my infertility journey.

So happy tuesday is a go! Woo hoo!