Saturday, January 19, 2013


Does anyone else have moments when they feel like they are barely getting by? And I mean it terms of the day to day stuff. I know this is all part of having a busy little baby at home, but geez most days I feel like I am just getting by. There is never enough time in the day. I look around here and this place needs a deep scrubbing, the closets are overflowing with stuff that needs to be organized, and our live Christmas tree is still up! I know I can't let myself get overwhelmed. I constantly try and remind myself to "Chill have a baby to take care...she comes and everything included...last." I guess I just want to be supermom. I want the house to be spotless. The closets perfectly organized. A clean happy baby. And me looking like a million bucks! Ha. Just one of those is a reality...the clean happy baby :) The most important task. I just look at myself in the mirror and I look like hell. I am so tired all the time, my wardrobe in a disgrace, and my hair...well it's falling out (at a rapid pace) and my roots need to be done (like two months ago)! Not to mention, lots of weight to lose..

Samantha's closet needs an overhaul again. Every few months, I'll go through and clean it out...take out the clothes that don't fit and reorganize things. I've been wanting to do this again for about a month now but when I get just a little free time I want to use it to nap since sleep seems more like a priority. Her closet right now is about 85% jam packed with clothes that don't fit her anymore. And by jam packed I mean you know when there is so much hanging there that you can't even tell what's in there and there are like loose hangers poking out everywhere! Total pet peeve of mine too! ha. Every morning when I go to get her dressed, it's like I forgot that none of it fits her, but there's so much stuff that it's deceiving to the eyes!

And the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen. The pots and pans cabinet...well let's just say that every time you open the door all the contents come spilling out in a loud crash. Always a pleasure. The pantry is a nightmare. I finally managed to make the top shelf all of Samantha's foods. But the rest of shelves looks like a bear was rummaging through it.

Our dining room table, looks like an office and a pharmacy threw up on it.

The bathroom. Don't get me started on the rash I have on my forearm from leaning on the tub giving Sam a bath. Yes, I know, completely gross and unacceptable. Sam gets bathed in a baby tub inside the big tub..but still. I mean it's not like you can see the grossness, but there must be some kind of funk going on in that bathroom if I get a rash just from leaning on the side of the tub. I warned you people...barely....getting by...

And our laundry pile is almost as tall as me. Which is gross. But mind you I am like 4'11. But still gross. And that's our stuff...Sam has her own basket...


Like I said, I know I need to chill the hell out. I am a new mom. Even with help from the hubby, I still feel like things are a mess. Someday things will be running a little smoother. Maybe? :)

I have set small goals for myself in terms of accomplishing things. Yet, even those seem hard to meet. I'm sure some people think you are home with her all day, why is it so hard to get some of these things done? Well, it is hard. She doesn't really nap well. So it's not like I can say "Oh, during Sam's two hour nap today, I can organize the closet."

As I was sitting on the floor the other day and playing with Sam, I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done around here. But then I reminded myself that I was doing the most important "job" of all. Sitting with my baby daughter. Playing with her and watching her learn new things. There was no where else I needed to be. Everything else can wait.

And I know this. That years from now it won't matter whether the pantry was organized, that won't be my memory. My memory will be how much Sam loved it when I sang the ABC's and how she has this cute little dance move to go along with it. More like a butt/body jiggle. But it's adorable :)

Sometimes I wish I had a cook and a housekeeper. Don't we all.

I know it's important for me to take care of myself too. One of my new year's "resolutions" was take care of my health. Follow through with doctor's appointments and get more exercise. I might ask for a treadmill for my birthday. I also made a resolution to put more pictures up of family and friends. I have so many pictures I want to display! It just seems to become a major project, printing the pics, getting the frames..etc. But I have to get on all of this!

 I know there must be many of you out there feeling like you are barely making it, too. So if you are one of them...let me I really don't feel alone! Ha.


thatmoxiegirl said...

I',m pretty sure every mom feels that way, darlin. The first year is always the worst. Remind yourself that every crazy shitty day is one more day that you made it through. And fuck the closets and organization. You should see my house. There is no perfect. Be with your baby. Babies become big girls too fast. Today Jane took a nap on my shoulder for the first time in years and she is only three. Soak it up. Drink it in.

I hate taking out the too small clothes too. And were all soft in the middle. Work at it, but you still have the rest of your lives.When Sam starts running, run at the park with her. You can have a great spring and summer. The next six months will be awesome. This is when they learn to walk and talk! And they get bigger personalities. They do things that they think are funny and they laugh and laugh and you'll cry because it is so awesome and beautiful. And in that joy you wont care about the closets or your jeans. Youre a mom. You are teaching a beautiful human being.

Chon said...

Oh yes! I either shove it in a cupboard, pour a big glass of wine or sneak out to the gym and then when I am breathe I start on one thing!!

Kacey said...

I think you have your priorities just right, look after Sam and sleep! But if you feel like you must get started on some projects try to make it a game and get Sam to 'help'. To clean out James' cupboard I would spend the morning in his room and once he was happy playing with toys or books, I would go through his clothes. He would come to 'help' me usually making the chore twice as long but it was still fun to spend this time with him and get another thing off my list.

Samantha said...

My girls do nap well and I still feel like I'm barely getting by most days. Cut yourself some slack!

Liz said...

I am in the same boat hun. It gets even harder the older the kids get. They make bigger messes and take more time to do things with during the day. And I have 2 kids so even when 1 is napping the other is up. It is never ending and so overwhelming! We just need to do the best we can. XOXO

Nikki said...

My boys are 9 months old and I am still in survival mode too! I basically have non-nappers too and when they do take a nap, they wake up to the slightest sound so I can't do anything! Hang in there - you are not the only one going through this! I too miss my organized/clean house.

Lauren said...

Aww you're definitely not the only one dealing with this, but it sounds like you have your priorities in the right order and that's what matters! I doubt Sam will ever look back on her childhood and be like damn my Mom could organize a pantry! She will remember how much time you've spent with her doing things that make her happy! The fact that you guys have been sick for a bit doesn't help either. Maybe once you guys are feeling better she can spend a few hours with grandparents and you can take a nap and then try to get some stuff done while she's being spoiled by her family!

kkasun said...

Its amazing how much easier it gets at 1 year!!!!!

Still hard but much more survivable!!!

You are doing great.

And if it helps I have days where I just cry about my overwhelmed feelings.

Rebecca said...

I used to get a rash in the Winter only from doing dishes. The water was leeching the oils out of my skin and the friction of the side of the sink against the water on the arms was giving me the rash. The only solution I can give you would be to either don really long gloves for protection or apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the rash area before washing your daughter.

Yes, always feeling like there are never enough hours in the day even when I make a decent schedule to try to get things done.

justagirl-Krista said...

I tell my husband the best gift for me would be more time and that's just impossible to give. Out house is the same way. I am so happy tomorrow is a holiday I am hoping to get a few more things done with the long weekend. It's so hard to do it all plus work all day, grocery shop, make dinner, give the baby a bath, exercise for myself, let's just say cleaning is the last thing I want to do.

Faith said...

Yep. I feel overwhelmed. Every. Single Day. And I have really sucked lately at "letting it all go." I have been so stressed. It does get easier when they are 1, it really does...but, alas, it seems there just ends up being more to do lol! hang in there, hun!

Marsa said...

oooh man i'm not a mom yet but i can only imagine how busy i'll be once i am one! i see moms on blogs and they always seem to have everything together. their home life, their style, their weight, everything. And im sitting here thinking like... really??? is having a baby that simple??? but in actuality i know its not. And i LOVE that you're so honest about it because I know that when that time comes around for me, i'll be in the same boat as you.
For now I can't really give you any advice because im not a mom yet. but i do think that its important to prioritize. when you get the most important things done first, the other things just seem to fall into place (sometimes).
Also don't overwhelm yourself with trying to do everything at once. its impossible! but i do think its important for you to give yourself some "me" time as much as you can. whether it be taking a nice long bath, or getting your hair done, doing that once in a while or as often as possible is important. for you and your family.
good luck new mama :) im sure you're not giving yourself enough credit :)

The DayLee Journal

Kel24 said...

Awe I know how hard it is! As everyone else has said, it gets easier when they hit a year!

I have a almost 4 year old, 2.5 year old and a 9 month old. I used to get things done while the older 2 were napping but now I just try and rest when I can get all 3 napping at the same time! It is hard being a mom and trying to do everything for everyone.

Once Sam's sleeping improves a little bit, you may be able to get some things done at night. I set aside an hour after mine are all in bed to pick up the house, work out for just 30 min, etc. Another thing someone mentioned about the closets....I do mine when my hubby takes the older 2 grocery shopping on the weekend and my youngest plays with toys while I clean stuff out. I try to do it once a month but I don't always succeed lol :)

I know everyone is has diff ways to spend their money but we budgeted to have a cleaning company come once every 3 wks. I found a company that is VERY reasonable because they just started out a few years ago that many of my friend's use. I used to always clean myself and I still do between cleanings, but with 3 kids 4 and under it really relieves a lot of stress. But we also don't take extravagant vacations or go out to eat so we can budget for the things we really want/need :) Totally understand if it isn't doable, just thought I would mention the idea.

Just savor this time and I promise it will get easier! The first 6 months, really the first year is the hardest. You are doing a great job!

Good Timing said...

You're definitely not alone my friend!! Some days we just take cake of the babies and that's an important job! But I hear you about all the cleaning etc. I hate the feeling of living in chaos and mess but it happens a lot around here! You don't wanna see my bathrooms either. Finally just cleaned our ensuite on the weekend. And your resolution to take care of yourself is an awesome one and so important!! :) I need to do the same! I started off by booking a hair appt with a groupon I bought!

Kristen said...

I've been slacking in the reading and writing of blog posts... but I just saw this one and OMG girl, you KNOW I totally feel the same way. It's so reassuring to read this because this is exactly how I feel all the time. I had a hard enough time keeping up with the chores before Kaya and now it's impossible and I feel like I am neglecting her if I clean! Not to mention, I just don't have the time (or the energey if I somehow find the time!). And my weight, ugh. Yea... I am right there with ya. Hang in there - you are a rockstar mommy and that's all that counts!