Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Throwin' It Out There" Tuesday

I'm making up another "bullet points" day because.. I can :)

  • A dear friend of mine got really great news today and I couldn't be happier! She just did her first IVF the other day and they were only were able to retrieve one egg :( Which isn't ideal, but we all put a lot of prayer and hope into this one miracle egg and thankfully it fertilized! So they are doing an early transfer tomorrow to give this lil embie the best chance possible!! It only takes ONE. So I am praying that this baby is her take-home baby!!! 
  • I think I may have felt movement last night! Not completely sure, could have totally been gas or something. But I was sitting on the couch and felt this little "Pop!" feeling and fluttering after it! Hmmm. Guess there's no way to know for sure. And I've heard if your a little heavier it's hard to feel movement this early, so who knows. 
  • A friend of mine asked me how my stomach issues were doing. Well, the past couple weeks I've been feeling pretty good overall!! No pain or stomach issues. Although, I've been having a bit of insomnia even though I get really really tired. I was so glad to be feeling better  and then just yesterday the stomach issues came back :( I hope it goes away by tomorrow because I really don't want to feel this way for Thanksgiving! 
  • I went with my almost 90 yr old grandmother to her doctor's appointment Monday morning. She's so funny and was charming just about every doctor and nurse in the place. When her doctor walked in (who was a good looking older man) she said to me " Isn't he cute?" The doctor laughed. And then she says "Doctor you look like you could be on Grey's Anatomy." LOL. How my grandmother knows about Grey's Anatomy is beyond me :) Just when you think she might be losin it, she surprises us by saying something like that! 
  • I feel like these last two weeks before we find out the gender is going by soooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww. I guess that's what happens when you are really looking forward to something. 
  • I'm back to craving pickles. I was craving them early on and then it just stopped. And now I need them again! 
  • Anyone see the Pampers "Peace on Earth" commercial with all the sleeping babies??? Tears. And more tears.
  • Looking forward to putting away the fall decorations on Friday and getting our Christmas tree!! 
  • My husband and I FINALLY cleaned out the spare room (which is going to be the nursery!) and it felt great to get that done!! Pretty exciting and amazing that in a few months it will be a whole new world in there!


Bridget said...

Hi there! I just wanted to stop by and say congrats on your successful IVF- I'll be following your journey!

Ashley said...

The longest weeks of my entire pregnancy were the weeks leading up to the gender ultrasound. Oh my heaves was it an eternity. :) And then it FLEW by. Try to enjoy it as much as you can. I know. Easier said than done. :) Congrats to your friend! Fingers crossed for her!!

amiracle4us said...

ohhhh..;prayers for your friend...I can only imagine her fear :(

How exciting about the possible movement! Can you believe this is all happening??? So happy for you hun!

Jenny said...

I will be crossing everything for your friend to have a successful transfer...I retrieved 7 eggs but only one was good enough to be put back and well you know how that turned out :D so make sure she knows it CAN happen with just one embaby

*nods to pickle craving* I didn't get them often but there was one day were we made hamburgers and I had the jar of sliced pickles sitting on the table...I *may* have eaten the whole jar by myself during the meal!
Your grandmother sounds hilarious. My nearly 90 year old grandparents says funny stuff like that too...and my grandad has email!

Faith said...

Good luck to your friend! Your grandmother sounds like my dream grandmother - I never had one I was close with, but she sounds amazing:)! And I bet that WAS movement you felt! I felt Addison right around 16 weeks! It was the same thing - fluttering, like butterflies. It just got better after that:). Just enjoy it all!

Summer-Raye said...

How wonderful! :) We've been trying for a while now. I love seeing IVF success stories.

Id love for you to check out my blog and follow! Let me know and Ill follow back!

Don't forget to check out my blogging secret santa. Its going to be fun fun!

can't wait,

Carlia said...

your grandma sounds adorable! i don't know her, but i love her already. ;) i'm so excited for you to feel movement and to get the nursery set up! i'm sure you really were feeling the movement, so just enjoy it. hugs!