Thursday, November 10, 2011


  • Today I was trying on a shirt in our full length mirror (a mirror which I try to avoid at all costs nowadays) and I look at my stomach and I see these almost black and blue lines. What the heck is that?? OH. It's STRETCHMARKS! Surprisingly I am not freaking out about this. It shocked me, yes, because I haven't seen seen such defined stretch marks on myself before. But in a way, I was happy. Because that means the baby is growing and my body is growing and stretching for the baby. Now, in a few months I may change my tune when they are all over me, but for now, I'm like eh whatever....
  • I'm interested to see where my blood pressure is at on Monday at my appt. On Tuesday I went to Rite Aid to use their blood pressure machine and it was a little higher than the day before. Great. I'm hoping it goes down to a reasonable number. I don't want to be on blood pressure meds nor do I want any complications with the baby. 
  • Tomorrow morning I have an appt at the GI doctor, to see if they can figure out what's going on with my stomach. Thankfully, I've been feeling a lot better this week, but I'm afraid of that pain coming back! 
  • 25 days until we find out the gender!! :) 
  • Heard Christmas music on the radio today and I LOVED it. Yes, I'm one of those people who are already thinking about and planning for Christmas even before Thanksgiving gets here. Sometimes I feel bad for Thanksgiving, like it gets jipped.  But I do have a Thanksgiving tradition (that my mom started when we were little) where we make cinnamon rolls and watch the Macy's parade in it's entirety. I love watching it every year! 
  • It's about time for my 4 o'clock feeding. I am hungry alllllll the time. Not to mention, I'm in the bathroom peeing alllll the time. It's crazy. But it is what it is. 
  • My hormones have taken a plunge into the deep end. I cry just about every day over one thing or another. Last night I actually cried watching the CMA's. Every song I heard just seemed to be the most beautiful song I've ever heard. 
  • It's about time for my 4 o'clock feeding.


Jenn and Casey said...

It's getting exciting! Can't wait to hear what you are having :) Hope you BP is coming down!

Marissa said...

I have an odd fascination with my stretch marks. They're ugly but like...they're on MY belly! It's hard to describe.

Jill aka ThatMoxieGirl Designs said...

1. Country music and prengant women go together like, oh wait, they don't. Or they shouldn't. Not that it stopped me. Hell, good luck mot bawling through all holiday music too. I was a hot mess last Christmas.

2. Once you have a baby you won't care about stretch marks. It is amazing the thing you used to care about before, but now are like whatever about. Like mascara, and showers, and puke on your clothes....

3. I can't wait until you find out gender! I hope you get what ever kind you most want. Both kinds are nice. ;) I can't wait to make you something!

Good Timing said...

Hope your BP is going to be okay! Yikes, that would stress me out, which wouldn't help the BP! :S I've been all tears lately too - cried twice today so far. And who cares about the stretch marks, it is all worth it for the baby! :) xo