Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blog Award!

Thank you to Baby Hopes over at  Chasing Our Stork: From ART to Adoption for this lovely award! I like awards. Who doesn't??! :)

With this award, we are asked to list 7 things that the blog world may not know about us! And then pass it on to 15 other bloggers. However, because I'm being lazy, I may only pass the award onto 5 bloggers. And I'm going to try to find 5 that I haven't already given an award to. Just trying spreading the love around. 

7 Things you ladies probably don't know about me...

1) I took dance lessons for about 9 years when I was younger. Tap, Ballet, and Jazz. And I loved it. I can't really remember the reason why I stopped doing it. My mom has about a million pictures of me in frilly cute dance costumes. However, some of them were like one piece sequin spandex jumpers, that didn't flatter ANYONE...even four year olds :) I plan on putting my little girl in dance someday, but I'm not going to force it like a stage mom or anything. If she wants to quit, she can quit. But I used to love it as a kid! 

2) I kind of have a "blankie." It's a navy blue down throw that my mom bought me from Target during my second year of college. And I still have it. And use it. Everyday. I've been through a lot with this blanket! If this blanket could talk it would have a lot to say! 

3) My middle name is Jane.

4) I worked at Starbucks for awhile in college. What's funny about that is I hated the taste of coffee at that time in my life. I like it now, but hated it then for some reason. However, Starbucks Vanilla Chai Frappacinnos are the bomb. But they're like a zillion calories.

5) I have a slight obsession with Orange Juice. Even before I got pregnant, I've had this obsession. It's just so good and I have to have it every day! I get a little panicky when I realize we are almost out of it. 

6) I once accidentally spilled a cup of soda onto someones airplane seat on a flight from Hawaii. And I was travelling alone. I had the drink in my hand and was getting up to let someone out into the aisle and I didn't realize that I was dumping soda into an empty seat in front of me. However, the guy who's seat that was saw the whole thing as he was walking back from the bathroom. And he was pissed! I apologized profusely and even offered to switch seats with him. But he decided to be a jerk and just be pissed and sit in the wet seat. I was so embarrassed. 

7) Thanks to typing out #4, my husband and I just returned from Starbucks. I blame pregnancy cravings. I got a vanilla chai frappaccino and he got an egg nog latte. Good thing we normally don't get coffee from Starbucks because our wallet just took a hit! And that leads me to my real #7...I've never tried egg nog!

I now pass this award on to the following bloggers...

1) Jenny @ Abbey's Road
2) Candice @ Candy Land


Jenny said...

yay! thanks! I'll be doing mine later today :)

BTW how weird is this? My mom is also Sarah Jane!!!

Rebecca said...

I love Eggnogg! Too bad I can't have it.

JM said...

Oh man... love the chai! Gave it up though b/c of the caffeine. This is going to be a long 9 months... (if it's a bfp, that is...)