Friday, December 23, 2011

Comments that irritate me...

Not blogger comments. But comments from random people you might run into during the day...

1) "Wow, you're pretty big already!" (Gee thanks. Way to make a girl feel good about herself)

2) "Get your sleep now because you won't get any once the baby comes!!" (No shit dude, we thought by having a newborn we were going to get more sleep. But hey, it didn't deter you guys, since you went on to have more than one! And besides the human body doesn't work like that. We can't store up sleep for months like chipmunks do with acorns. We realize we are going to be beyond exhausted but we also know it's going to be so worth it)

3) "Don't use binkies, or disposable diapers and don't look your baby in the eye." (That last part was random, but it was said with sarcasm. Most of the time I welcome tips and suggestions, but every once in awhile someone will say something that's completely ridiculous and judgemental)

4) "You want kids? Here TAKE MINE." (Ha. Ha. Ha. Well, aren't you quite the comedian. Actually, yes thank you, I will take yours and I know about 130 women struggling with infertility who would gladly take them as well)

5) " Oh, wow you still have a longggg way to go." (This comment was made by the woman who sold me the snowman ornament yesterday, after she asked me the due date. Actually, Mrs. Claus..she looked like Mrs. Claus..I feel like I've already come a long way. I'm a little more than half way done! Gimme some credit, will ya! She probably felt the need to say #5 after looking at belly and thinking #1) :)

What comments irritate you? Please share :) Go feels good...


Samantha said...

Having babies seems to invite the craziest comments, and it continues after the baby is born!

manymanymoons said...

Preach it! The sleep comment is oe of my all time "kiss my ass" comments and I literally want to punch as an automatic reflex when I hear it. Punch first and ask questions later.

Lauren said...

Pregnancy comments can be infuriating! My personal worst was a cousin of my Mom's asking if it was 2 girls, 2 boys, or one of each? Because I apparently looked like I was having twins and due next week even though I was about 7 months along with one baby. He no longer gets a Christmas card! :) #5 of yours is pretty awful too, many a stranger has almost been punched in the face for that one.

L said...

I don't get why people think that just because you are pregnant it's okay to just say whatever they are thinking. I had someone comment on the size of my chest, there's no way that's ever appropriate!

Beeker's Mom said...

People REALLY don't think before they open their mouth. At all. They don't consider that they are either stating the obvious, or putting their foot in their mouth by having zero tact. I like to take that opportunity to make them feel as stupid as possible.

Krista said...

"You are you so small for having twins!!" URG!!

Amber said...

People always made me crazy when I was pregnant. I had to hold myself back from getting into fist fights! :)

One of my co-workers told me I must be having a boy (wrong) because my neck was darker and my nose had spread. Then she suggested I wear a girdle 3 days after Paisley was born. IDIOT!!!

Faith said...

Oh my goodness, I could go on and on. Actually, I didn't have NEARLY as hard of a time with the comments when pregnant as I have had once they are here. People feel they have the right to CONSTANTLY judge how I am parenting - and I'm talking friends and family. "he wouldn't be that way if you'd just..." "You really should..." "Why do you work at all? Do you love your work more than your kids?" Yep, she said it! AHHH! Again, there are a million more - every gathering I go to for holidays includes constant little comments about how if I parented differently, my kids would be better. Or whatever. So, we are not even going to my friend's house this year for Christmas - we are having them over on Christmas Even on MY turf (so I will say something if they offend me) and then having a quiet day at home on Christmas. They ruined my Thanksgiving with that crap. There you go, there's my vent, lol! Sorry you are getting it too - but I guess this is one of those things that comes with mommyhood and I'd rather this than even one more day of infertility:).

Kristen said...

While this may not be a pregnancy comment, it is along the same lines... My sister and I were at a gathering and someone we didn't know asked her if her twins were "on purpose or an accident" basically asking if she used fertility drugs..... It took ALL that I had NOT to jump in and say DOES IT MATTER?!? But I refrained because she was a family member of the person who's party we were at, but it ate away at me the whole time. If both of my embies stick around and I am blessed with twins and someone asks me that question, I just MIGHT punch them in the face!

Greta May said...

I had a family friend ask if I was due in a few weeks...when I responded, "No...not until April." He asked if it was twins. I've only gained 5 lbs this whole pregnancy. Give me a break, man!

Caroline F. said...

Talk about lack of a filter...some people just do not realize what the heck they are saying! We are still TTC and I'm looking forward to my family party tomorrow because at least 1 person will rub my stomach and say, "Are you pregnant yet?" Hahaha...NO! Sheesh!

Jenny said...

it's so funny that all these comments irritate everyone and yet people continue to say them! As for #5 you've come A VERY LONG way...because it took you years to even get pregnant...I would have just replied "you have NO idea, lady"
it would be cool if we could bank our sleep though!
i still get annoying comments...the cashier at the store the other was telling me how to bundle Abbey back up before I went outside cause it was cold and she would get an ear infection! Uh I'm pretty sure you don't get infections just cause it's cold and besides, I know how to dress my child!!! She was literally watching me get her coat and stuff on!!!

Sara said...

It is always funny what people think that they have the right to say to you. I have the same issue as Faith. The issue came after my girls were born. People asking if they were really mine--regardless if they are adopted or not, they would still be mine. The questions of which country are they from, why do they look like that, and are you the babysitter. It's so hard when they are old enough to know what these strangers are saying and want to know why no one thinks that I am their mom.

Emily said...

I've got two that drive me bonkers. The first-
"What are you going to do with them all?". What? What am I going to do with them? Keep them?


"Are you sure you want three?". Uhh, really? Because I would keep two and give one away? Duh!

Rebecca said...

#1 for me is, "why are you even considering having children at your age and with your medical conditions!".

Marissa said...

Well, let's start with this morning, at my non-stress test, when the nurse (come on, lady! you should know better!) proceeded to tell me:

1) Oh, twin boys? I babysat twin boys once when I was 14. They were awful.
(Well, gee, I guess I'll make them girls, then?)

from my obnoxious older sister:
2) Well, at least you're not gonna be the next Octomom.
(True, I'm not. Because I'm responsible and transferred a reasonable number of embryos after dealing with infertility and not having 6 children already, but thank you for the comparisson, because IVF is so funny.)

from anyone:
3) Two for the price of one!

from anyone:
4) When are you due? Oh, you look so big! Is it twins? Oh, then you're kinda small, huh?
(I'm so glad you think you can eyeball how big I am, be totally wrong, and still feel comfortable sharing that with the whole room.)

from anyone:
5) Better you than me!
(Yeah, no shit.)

from anyone:
6) You must be ready to just get those babies out of there!
(No, not really, I do not want preemies, especially not very-low birthweight ones, but thanks for being ignorant!)

Baby Hopes said...

Oh my goodness... this post had me laughing so hard! I love "Punch first and ask questions later." I think I'm going to use that!!! ;)

The worst I've gotten so far is the response to my plans for going with as natural of a delivery as possible and cloth diapers. I get raised eyebrows and, "Yeah, we'll see. And you'll see when you're there."

Or, "Have you thought about what's best for your baby, though?" Um... is that a sincere question?

The one I'm dreading (because I know I'll be getting it from a few relatives and friends): "So do you still plan to adopt?" Seriously? I'm going to act like you didn't ask that. Or perhaps this is the time to use "Punch first, ask questions later!"

Carlia said...

amen to that! especially #2. that drives me crazy! i always want to reply with, "thanks, but i've had almost 10 years to sleep while i've waited for this baby." would that make them feel guilty/stupid enough? ;)

Sailor's Sweetheart said...

Those comments annoy me, and I'm not even pregnant! LOL! Just goes to show that no matter what side of the fence you are on, awful comments still come pouring in. ugggghhhh... Merry Christmas!