Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crazy Dream

Last night I had the craziest dream.

It was the day of my baby shower but the baby shower took place at the Kentucky Derby. There were tons of people there and the people sat in the stands while I opened the gifts. And I remember the chair I was sitting in, the legs of it were sitting in part of a lake and there were waves that kept getting everything wet.

Then at some point I had a glass of wine in my hand, but was so confused because of course I can't drink while pregnant! And then I went into our house (a huge house) which happened to be at the Kentucky Derby and we had a cat. But the cat kept throwing up all over the place. And my husband was running around trying to clean it up and then I remembered the litter box was full but that we had forgotten to empty it in like a year.

Then I walked into the dining room and I sat down at the table which was crowded with a bunch of men. They were all deep in conversation, so I just sat and watched. All the faces at the table were blurry to me except at the head of the table, was my Uncle Jim who passed away years ago. We were really close to him and his wife was my Aunt "Rhodie." Her real name was Roselyn, which is going to be Samantha's middle name. I just sat there at watched him talk with the other men. But what was amazing was that he looked so good! His face was full and young and healthy! And the big bright window behind him happened to be the window that was in their dining room at their house. Although my uncle didn't seem to see that I was there. I wanted so badly to interrupt his conversation and run over to him and tell him that we were using Roselyn as the baby's middle name. I know he would have liked that. But I'm sure he already knows this....

And then at some point in the dream, a bunch of climbed through this man made hole in the ground up to a look out spot. It was so weird! I can remember feeling the dirt and all of us climbing through. It was dark and I was feeling so claustrophobic. There was so much more to the dream which is hazy now and I can't remember. But I do remember waking up this morning and thinking "What the HELL was that??" :)


Rebecca said...

wow wild dream

Kristen said...

Ok, that was TOTALLY your uncle's way of visiting you and letting you know that they "know" you are using Roselyn as Samantha's middle name!! Totally.

I had a dream about my Gram last night which was pretty awesome. :)

Good Timing said...

Oh vivid pregnancy dreams!! My dreams have been very crazy lately. Must be the third trimester approaching??

Jenny said...

My best friend is a big believer that when you dream about deceased people they are visiting you with a message :)
I had the more INSANE dreams while pregnant...even now they are pretty intense! I think it's that your hormones are crazy and you never get into a deep enough sleep/you wake up a lot so you remember them more.
I had a few dreams that I woke up thinking "I should write this would be an awesome book/movie!"

Natalie and Lee said...

haha! Girl, that was one of my first signs that I was pregnant! I started having the weirdest dreams EVERY NIGHT! I dreamed last night that I was a sister wife but he beat us and I was always trying to hide from him!lol CRAZY PREGNANCY DREAMS!