Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Should I just move in?

To the hospital, that is.

We made another visit to L&D last night :( I was so on the fence if we should even go, because I didn't want to be the crazy girl who is there every other day! Yesterday morning I was having more aches and pains. And they got increasingly worse throughout the day. By 5pm I had taken Tylenol and tried the heating pad, but it wasn't helping. By this point I'm tears, not from the pain but from the anxiety of having to go back there and just sad that I can't "be normal." Normal I guess meaning an uneventful pregnancy, but I know that I'm not alone and that a lot of women have issues. It's just been such a fight from even the beginning trying to get pregnant, would it be too much to ask to just breeze through these months? I guess so.

Everything happened pretty quickly when we arrived. My doctor had called ahead the tests she wanted to be done. The nurse checked my cervix AGAIN...which AGAIN sucked. But thankfully it was closed. They she used a speculum to do a swab test to have sent to the lab to check for preterm labor. Which thank God came back negative. Then they rushed me down to ultrasound. Which was sort of a nice surprise because I didn't think we'd get one but really want to know if she had enough amniotic fluid in there.The u/s took quite awhile but I didn't care because we got to see our baby again and got a few more pictures! She looked great the tech said and her amniotic fluid was good.. The tech then did an u/s of my bladder and kidneys and I didn't have any stones which was good. She also did an internal u/s to check cervical length and my cervical length was long, which was also good news.

When we got back upstairs they hooked me and the baby back up to the monitors and she was moving like crazy. Very active! The attending doctor came in and said all the tests look good but that my urine showed I am still a bit dehydrated and have some "sludge" in there. There is also still a trace of protein which was nothing to worry about. But I should continue taking my macrobid once a day. But then this morning I went to take it and read the bottle completely and it says take one pill TWICE a day. So I called the OB and told them that the hospital on Saturday and last night told me to take it once a day, but that the bottle says twice a day! So they said just start taking two a day from now on and finish out the bottle. Way to go hospital for telling me the wrong thing and way to go me for not catching this mistake two days ago!

The attending doctor then said my OB wanted to put my on an IV drip of Morphine and a nausea med. And a bag a fluids. But that they would have to move me to a different floor because they needed the room. And that I'd be on the drip for 4-5 hours!!! I chose to decline the morphine and nausea med. I was still feeling aches and pains but not enough pain for morphine (just seemed excessive) and I wasn't experiencing any nausea. I then asked if I could fore go the IV fluids and promise to drink lots and lots of water! So he called my doctor back and she said that was fine and we were discharged. So I'm trying really hard to get extra liquid day but water makes me feel so full so quickly. But I'm trying.

While me and the baby were being monitored, the nurse had to come back in and readjusting it because she was moving so much. And one time the nurse left the door open and I heard a baby crying! And the nurse says to me " You hear that baby crying? He was just born five minutes ago!" I was just in complete awe! To think that a woman just have birth to her own miracle just minutes ago a few doors down. Amazing :)

So, we didn't really get a concrete answer about my pain. They said it could very well be that the baby since its so active is pushing on my uterus and belly. And in combination with the UTI, everything might be a little more uncomfortable right now. Basically, I'm realizing that this is something I'm just gonna to have to deal with. We asked them when do we know whether to head to the hospital or if it's nothing. And they said it's always a good idea to get checked out. And I agree. But it's a scary thing. I guess if I'm double over in pain that would be our cue to go again but if it's the same pain I've been feeling, I guess there's not much we can do. I just don't want to risk anything, I would never forgive myself if I waited to long or didn't go to the hospital because I thought it was "nothing." So I know we did the right thing.

Oh and the u/s tech double checked the gender for us...still a baby girl!!! :)

As we were leaving, there was a couple walking down the hall. The girl looked very pregnant and miserable and the guy had his arms full of bags and was smiling. And my husband said "It's been so funny watching these couples come in and out because the girl always looks super miserable and pissed and the guy is smiling ear to ear." Yeah, because the girls are in labor and scared out of their mind and the men are thinking "YAY! It's baby time!" :)


manymanymoons said...

An Open letter to Sam ~
I would first like to say that you are the cutest little profile around these parts and you are currently displayed on my refrigerator courtesy of your momma's Christmas card. Secondly, I can't wait to meet you. Thirdly I would like to say that your mom has had just about enough of this nonsense. Your shenanigans are making her very nervous and scared. Get comfy and accept that you are going to be staying put for a while. I hope I wasn't too harsh because as I said, you are very cute and I assume very cuddly as well.

Ok S, I've given her a stern talking too so you shouldn't be having any more trouble.

Thinking of you!

kkasun said...

You poor thing. It is so scary for this, but also frustrating. I used to be so anxious about being that girl that went to L&D five times before delivering, but then anxious that I was going to hurt the baby or that I would regret not going.
I hope things get better and it might be worth talking to your doctor about bedrest, which sucks, but did stop me from going to the hospital all of the time!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh! Not again! I feel so baly for you. I also think you are better off to be checked and have t be "nothing" than be sorry. This is your baby girl we are talking about here! Keep us posted on how you are feeling!

Samantha said...

Hang in there, mommy!

Bridget said...

Ugh, I feel so bad for you! This has to be scary every single time. Drink up mama and nap nap nap!!

Marissa said...

I'm so sorry you keep having pain!! But glad that all's well with Sam.

It really helps me to have water with me at all times. Just drink a swallow every couple of minutes, and you get the water you need without having to chug 10 oz all at once.

Hope you're getting some rest in!

Jenny said...

ugh poor you! I only had to go once to L&D prior to delivery and I was a nervous wreck, I can't imagine going as often as you've had to go :( I'd had sharp pain in my back alllll day that wouldn't let up...they pretty much did the same tests as you...all they found was that I was anemic but that wasn't the cause of the pain...the decided it was just muscular...maybe that's what's happening to you?

Rebecca said...

Hope that the pain soon subsides. Yup drink lots of water even if you feel full, just sip it through out the day.

justagirl-Krista said...

How very scary, glad nothing seems to be wrong. Hang in there.

Chon said...

Oh love you have had a rough couple of days! I am glad tho the hospital has been v. thorough in looking after you and Samantha. I think you should always trust your instincts and do what is right for you and the baby and not just hold out, just in case. At the end of the day all good news so we can do a big sigh of relief. But I tell you Sam is stressing me out!!!!

Beeker's Mom said...

I agree with E, shenanigans indeed! That is so scary, but I'm so glad that you went to get checked out. The day that I was admitted to the hospital I was hesitant to go in because I figured it was nothing. I guess you can never be too sure.

I hope you start feeling better. HUGS!