Friday, January 13, 2012

My feet are happy

Today I went and got a much needed pedicure! My mom gave me a gift certificate for Christmas, so I was able to use that. Pregnancy does not do nice things for your feet. Mine have already gone up a full size and a half and they are just so achy and swollen! I've been dying to get a pedicure for longest time. I think the last time I got one was during the summer. And luckily I got a gift certificate for Christmas! Let me tell you, I now think pedicures while pregnant are the most fantastic things. Go get one. Pedicures are great even if you aren't pregnant but my swollen feet were in heaven today!

It was kind of strange (in a good way) sitting in that big massage chair with my big old belly sticking out. Occasionally I would look down at my swollen feet and white legs and thank God for this amazing pedicurist (is that a word?) and for my Mom who gave me the gift of a pedicure :) I even picked a fun purple color, whereas normally I go with a red or pinkish color.

At one point, in walked the cutest little girl (probably about 4 or 5) with her grandma. The grandma was getting a manicure and the little girl was just getting her nails and toenails painted. She was so excited! And so adorable! She was just chatting away with the manicure lady the whole time. I couldn't help but watch her and smile and think "Wow, I'm actually going to have my own little 4 year old girl someday! And we will get our nails painted together!" When the pedicurist was done with me she put me over by the feet dryer things. All the sudden the little girl comes skipping over to me and sits next to me. She wanted to put her hands and feet under the dryer again, even though she had done that already. So the nail lady turned it on again for her. Well, she sat there chatting away with me about how her and her grandma were going to the mall. I asked her what color she had her nails painted and wouldn't you know she had her toes painted a purple color like mine and her fingernails a reddish color. Also, like mine. Although, I didn't  get a manicure, just had painted my fingernails red the other day. I said to her " Oh! Me too!" And showed her my toes and nails and she giggled. I just had this urge to scoop her up and squeeze her. She was so cute and so outgoing. But then she started rummaging through the basket next to the dryers where you throw your "used" flip flops and toe spreader things. And she was just happily picking up and touching each one and was looking for matching toe thingies. Of course I was cringing inside thinking about all the feet and toes that have touched those things and now this poor little girl had no clue. She then said to me (holding up two blue toe things) "Aren't these pretty?" And I said  "Ohhhh yeah they are a pretty blue! But I think those might be dirty honey." LOL

I don't think she really heard me, but then her grandma called her and she was gone. Hope grandma has some sanitizer in the car :)


Ashley said...

I need a pedicure in the worst way! Im sure I have a gift certificate to get one too!!

Faith said...

Glad you had fun - I am a regular pedicure person since moving to AZ and I loved them when pregnant:). As for the germs - believe me, that's not the worst of what they get into! I don't even want to know what snot, pee, spit, germs, etc are in a simple mall playplace. We sanitize every time we leave:).

Kristen said...

Yay for happy feet!! I'm so jealous!

Good Timing said...

I got one over the Christmas holidays as well as a massage and it was the best!

Jenny said...

*nods in total agreement* I usually do my own toes but I got my first pedi while pregnant and it was AWESOME! My feet grew about 1.5 sizes too...sadly the odds are they won't go back :( Oh well at least I have an excuse to buy new shoes this summer and DH can't argue ;)

I cannot wait to do girly things with A. My mom was never really into that stuff when I was a kid (though strangely these days she is!) so I never experienced it. Hopefully my daughter will be into that kinda stuff!