Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddies and Day One

Three things. Happy Father's Day to all the great "baby daddies" out there! Today is Day One of a new cycle! And sorry to everyone who follows my blog. I know lately, my posts have been non existent or depressing. I hope things will start turning around. For my sake and your's :)

Yes friends, today (on Father's Day) AF showed. Bye bye birth control and (hopefully) the evil cyst on my left ovary. I'm going to call the RE in the morning and set up my ultrasound probably for Tuesday. I'm really hoping the cyst is gone so we can get started on this Femara cycle. Prayers and fingers crossed are greatly appreciated! :)

We had a nice day down at my dad and stepmom's house, along with my bro and his fiancee. They live on a lake, so we were able to go out on a boat ride. Beautiful weather, but HOT! I saw my stepdad on Saturday and gave him a pretty frame that said "Grandkids" on it. I told him it could hold Rory photos (his new baby grandaughter) and then when he has more someday, it could be a group shot. :) He loved that idea. See? I am still hopeful everyone :) We've got a "Grandkids" frame to fill...

Anyone see the movie, "Away We Go"? With the guy from The Office and the girl from SNL. Can't think of their names at the moment. Anyways, great movie! And there was a part where they went to visit old college friends in Montreal. The couple had adopted three or four kids. But then it turned out that the couple was struggling with infertility and in one scene the husband was explaining how "helpless" he feels. His wife had five miscarriages. And you could just see in both their faces how sad they were. Even though they had a wonderful family, through adoption, the pain of IF was still so raw. The scene just reminded me of how helpless Matt feels sometimes. Men like to feel like they can fix things, whatever it might be, and IF is just something more complicated than a flat tire or a broken toaster. It's a broken heart, and that is something hard to heal.

This post is dedicated, to my honey. You are wonderful man and will be a wonderful father. Today, as we were driving to my Dad's we were listening to the Mets/Yankees game and we were reminicing about our Citifield visit.

Me: " That must be a fun thing to do on Father's Day, going to a game, would you like that someday?"

Matt: (Big smile) "Yeah, that would be awesome."

Me: "Aww, you, me, and a little boy, I can just see it."

Matt: "Or girl."

Me: (Big smile)

Love to both my Dads and my future baby's daddy. :)

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