Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Secret Garden

Saturday night I went to a local summer theatre, to see the musical "The Secret Garden." My mom got tickets for her and I to go, and my Aunt Janie came too! I have always loved " The Secret Garden." I was obsessed with the Hallmark movie when I was younger. We taped it from TV onto VHS and I would watch it all the time. When I was in high school, they came out with new version of the movie, but in my eyes it will never compare to the original. My mom also took my brother and I to see the the musical on Broadway years ago. The show last night was great and all the music came back to me right away. Wonderful soundtrack.

It was great spending time with my mom and aunt. A much needed break from the day-to-day IF worries. So thanks, Mom, for last night. :) I hope to someday share "The Secret Garden" with my daughter...

On the IF front, today is cycle day 9. AF is gone. Finished the last Femara pill on Saturday and my second monitoring appt is Tuesday morning. I'm gonna start OPK's and basal temp tomorrow. And we'll see what the RE says on Tuesday! :)

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a nice distraction. I'm heading to Michigan ftomorrow or a visit with my mom. It's always nice to spend time with our moms. Hoping and praying for a great cycle for you!