Thursday, June 24, 2010


Recently, a good friend of mine announced that she is going to be an aunt to TWINS!! Very exciting stuff:) What a blessing. And what are the chances!? Her sister does not suffer from IF and I don't think twins run in their family. So, it was a double surprise to their family! What I wouldn't give for one baby, but two, wow! I'd be in heaven. After hearing about their exciting news, it got me thinking about twins. I've always felt this connection, I guess you could say, with anything twin related. I secretly always had a feeling that I would have twins. I'm big on "signs." Little things that point to other things. Yeah, I know it may sound a little superstitious or whatever, but I do always believe things happen for a reason, no matter how silly or how small.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I loved dolls as kid. Loved them. Took care of them as if they were real human beings. Well, I had always been a huge Cabbage Patch fan, but then one Christmas, I saw an ad for a new doll. The Magic Nursery Dolls. And I was hooked. They came in a box, and wore a baby hat and a onesie and booties. All of the faces sort of looked the same, but with varying eye colors. So you couldn't see the hair underneath, until you removed the hat. You didn't know if your baby doll had blonde, brown or red hair, curly or straight, until you took off the hat. But the best part of it all was that you didn't know the sex of the doll until you put the onesie in water, and it would say girl or boy. It was so exciting! Well, when I got my first one for Christmas, I immediately opened it, took of the hat. Blonde curly hair. Then I put the onesie in water. "It's a Girl." And underneath "It's a Girl" it said "I'm a Twin." Well, you could have told me I had won ten million dollars, because I was so happy and went running through the house with complete joy. They gave you a form to fill out and mail in, and then they send you the twin in the mail. About a week and half later, the twin arrived and it was a boy! I still remember that so clearly and how happy I was.

I've also had a long term relationship with a twin. There are two twin girls in my class. And I just found out a few days ago that August 7th, is National Twins Day. August 7th would have been our due date. Even though, I know we were only pregnant with one, I still thought it was interesting. Oh, and the Mets play the Twins tomorrow night:) All coincendences, I'm sure. But I like to think that maybe they all are connected somehow. Going through IF has also put twins on my mind, because I'm well aware some fertility meds can give you twins and that IVF has a high twin outcome. It's funny though how I always thought I might have twins, but had no idea that I'd have fertility problems or be on fertility meds that increase the chance for multiples.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a mission for twins. I would be over the moon to just have one healthy lovely baby. If we were blessed with two somehow, than so be it, and we would LOVE it. :)

Day 3 of Femara! Only side effect I'm feeling so far is drowsiness. I seriously could have curled up on one of the kid's cots today and taken a nap. I'm soooo tired. I'll take that over Clomid's hotflashes and mood swings! Still thinking positive, too. This is going to work. I just feel it.

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