Sunday, June 6, 2010

Disney and a Dumb-Ass

When I was younger I used to love to watch Disney movies. Especially, when I was home sick from school. And when I say "younger" I mean high school. Somehow, they used to make me feel better. It was like my own little special tradition. Home sick on the couch? Pop in a Disney VHS. DVD's didn't exist then :)

Friday night I was reminded of the healing power of a good Disney movie. I was flipping through the movie channels and "Up" was coming on. I had seen a preview somewhere of this movie, and was excited about it, but then with everything else going on, I forgot. So, I was pretty excited to watch it. What a great movie! I think everyone should see it. Even if "animated" stuff isn't your thing, still give it a try. It was just a really really good movie. I laughed and I cried. There was one part of the movie, where the main characters were decorating a nursery in hopes of a baby, but then it turns out they couldn't have any. One scene showed the wife just sitting in a chair outside, and even though she was animated character, the emotion expressed about not being able to have a child, was just overwhelming. Of course this made me cry. But also I was just amazed at the animation they can do today! Truly amazing.

I'm considering gathering all my Disney movies, from my mom's house, and keeping them here now. Just in case I need a pick-me-up :)

On to the "Dumb-Ass" portion of my post. I went to get my hair trimmed this weekend at one of those chain hair places that you find in a strip mall. I used to go to a certain salon years ago to get my hair highlighted and cut, but that got really expensive. So, now I color my own hair and go to the strip mall to get it cut. Which works out fine for me. While I was waiting to get my haircut, I couldn't help but overhear the conversation between one of the hairdressers and her client. It went something like this:

Hairdresser (in a loud obnoxious voice): "So how are you? Haven't seen you in awhile!"

Client (who's a guy): "I'm great, just got engaged. What's new with you?"

Hairdresser (in a loud even more obnoxious voice): " Oh, nothing much. Well, I'm gonna have a baby!"

Client: "Oh wow, that's great. Congrats!"

Hairdresser (now, the voice is really annoying me): "OMG!" (She really said the letters O.M.G) "It was so funny, I was at the doctor's filling out all the paperwork and there was a space to write the spouse or father of the child, and I couldn't write anything because it could be one of four people! I don't know who's it is!"

BARF. She was a real class-act. And I sat there thinking two things to myself. One, SHE'S allowed to have a child? And two, I bet I'm going to get her. I bet she's going to cut my hair.

Yup, she did. Good thing she couldn't hear my thoughts as she was cutting my hair. At first, I thought maybe she was joking about how she didn't know who the father was. But as the weird conversation continued between her and the client, I realized she was NOT joking. Wow.

Having to tip her, hurt. And I feel sorry for her baby.

On a different note, we ordered our wedding invites this weekend! :) And we are thinking about having an ice cream truck come instead of doing a traditional cake. I think that would be really fun for an outdoor wedding! So, hopefully it works out :)

I wish I had one of those pocket ultrasound monitors, that I saw on a commercial! I would love to know if the birth control is doing it's job and getting rid of this cyst. I'm so afraid of going to that appointment in a few weeks and seeing something sad on the monitor. Please, please don't be there cyst...

I had a weird dream this weekend. I dreamt one of my friends had twins, and she gave me one! How crazy, right? :)

I hope you all have a good week. If you're in need of a smile, don't forget your Disney :)


Lonelily said...

Three things:
1.) LOVED the movie Up!
2.) I am always amazed at the crazies who are given the gift of a child when so much more deserving people have a hard time :(
3.) I LOVE the idea of having an ice-cream truck instead of a cake for the wedding!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh man, I see those kinds of soon-to-be mothers as a high-school teacher all the time. It's enough to put me into a depression! I'm sorry, hun!

Vanessa said...

I loooooved the movie UP, of course I was crying the whole entire time!

Jennifer said...

Oh I love Up!! It might just be my all time favorite animated movie. I've seen it several times and still cry.

Seriously!! I just don't get people like the woman who cut your hair. I mean I do understand that happens, but to make light of the situation is sad to me.