Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gatorade, I love you.

Not the regular Gatorade, but the low calorie G2 kind. Preferably, Grape.

I have been so sick with stomach issues the past few days. And today it was so bad that I had to leave work early. I started progesterone on Monday and I think that's what's causing all of this. I mean, the only way to describe it is, my stomach is EVIL. I've taking the progesterone before, but only for two days prior to the miscarriage. But I didn't have this bad of a side effect. I called the RE's office today, to see if this is normal or if they could switch my meds to something different. But the nurse I talked to was about as helpful as a toothache. She started out by saying that I can take tylenol for the pain. Although, the cramping/pain isn't my main issue. My main issue is having become way to friendly with the toilet. I hate this. I know I have to take this medicine, but ugh! It's horrible. Then the nurse said the kind of progesterone I was on was the only one that's one a day and she said she thinks it sounds more like a stomach bug. The thought did cross my mind, but it's been four days! So, I have been drinking a lot of gatorade today, eating applesauce and bananas. I just want to feel better!

As of right now, I have 11 more days of progesterone. ELEVEN MORE DAYS OF THIS? And possibly longer, if things turn out like we hope. I'm willing to just deal if that's the case, but something definitely isn't right with my body. Maybe it is a bug. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow feeling great. Maybe I'll catch a break for once.

And maybe I should buy stock in Gatorade...

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