Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bang head here.

My blog is all effed up. I've never been good at changing my templates and backgrounds. The ones that have turned out ok, just happen to look good by a big dose of luck. I'm not good with computer stuff. Last night I tried to change my background to a cute Fall leaves one and now it's all jumbled up with red. And I'm done trying to figure out how to fix it, because it seriously makes me want to bang my head against something :) So I'm walking away, from blog design 101 for awhile...

Reality welcomed us back today with a flat tire! Yay. I feel like my car is falling apart. I love my car. It's a dark blue Cadillac CTS. But lately it's falling apart on us. The right side mirror fell off. We glued it back. It fell off again. Before we left for Florida, the check engine light came on and there was a rattling sound. Now the rattling sound is gone, but the check engine light is still on. And now I need a new tire. My hubby does his best to fix what he can, but this all costs so much!! Its so annoying.

Tomorrow is day one of my new diet!! I don't really have a set goal. I just want to start eating better and taking smaller portions. Hopefully I'll lose a few pounds! Today for lunch I had 4 pickles and a jelly doughnut. As mentioned above, diet starts tomorrow not today:) I had a major craving for pickles. I know what your thinking...pickles? Pregnant? But I have had this pickle craving before. I remember back in the beginning of my IF journey, I found these cute pregnancy announcements online. They had a bowl of ice cream and a pickle on the front. Wow, that feels like such a long time ago. Today a good friend of mine started her IF journey. And I told her I hope that it is short lived :) I hate seeing anyone go through this...

So, today I am 9 dpiui (days post IUI). Not really feeling any symptoms, other than some cramps on and off. Has anyone else out there experienced almost no symptoms and had a positive test? I know it would be really early, but I keep hoping for some symptoms. It's so evil how period symptoms are almost the same as pregnancy ones!!! I just need some hope, so any of you out there that has conceived through IUI's..please let me know!

These week is going to be so busy. Between work, moving into the new house, car repairs, and the bloodtest on Friday, I am going to be exhausted. Plus, I am cutting out caffiene all week, and pretty much food in general. Well, that's what the first week of a diet feels like anyways :)

Favorite feeling of the day:

(As we are driving back from filling my tire with a fix-a-flat and putting air in it)

Hubby: We might have to get new tires on your car for the winter. I don't want you driving around on these with the snow, being pregnant.

Me: (immediate butterflies in my stomach at the word "pregnant")

Crappy feeling of the day:

Seeing super cute halloween costumes for kids and not having a kid to buy one for. Still.

Off to relax a little :) Big week ahead...


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Anonymous said...

I didn't have any symptoms before my BFP so don't lose hope! IUI didn't work for me but wish you the best :)