Thursday, October 28, 2010

Didn't know I'd need a medical degree...

To mix these meds! Tonight was my first night with the injectibles. The Bravelle and Lupron. Yes, I did have an instruction sheet and yes the nurse did (quickly) explain it to me. But I was listening between body shaking sobs, so I really didn't catch much. My mom came over to help us do this and we spent a great deal time laughing. Mostly because it really is confusing. My mom's a nurse so she understood some of it, but a lot of the directions were like reading chinese. I'm sure it gets easier as we go, but oh man, we had a hard time! And the shot hurt more than I thought it would. Not sure if it was the meds or just the intial stabbing.

My mom stopped at my clinic today and bought me Circle & Bloom. A meditation type thing for those of you who don't know. It's supposed to help you relax through treatments. And she randomly ran into the dr/founder of the clinic and had a 30 min convo about me. I've never met the guy. He only comes to the office on Thursdays. I think my mom was hoping he would be like " Here, take these free drugs for your daughter."

A woman my mother works with had a really hard time getting pregnant also. And she actually went to the same clinic I go to. She's due with a baby girl anyday now. They are having a baby shower for her at my mom's work tomorrow. I had this overwhelming feeling today that I wanted to give her a gift. I've never met her in person, but she know of my IF struggles and I hers. While moving this weekend I found a plastic bag with two (very adorable) baby girl outfits. I actually bought them almost 3 years ago, for my "someday" daughter. Yes, I know that might sound nuts, but they were really cute outfits and for some reason I had to have them. And save them. Well today I decided I wanted to give one of them to this woman that my mom works with. Because these outfits are somewhat special and symbolic for me. And giving away one of them to someone who once shared the pain I feel, and now has a happy ending, makes my heart feel good. I got her a card too, explaining the gift. I hope she likes it.

I may be MIA for awhile. Our computer crashed and we have to get it fixed or try to anyways. And I'm a little ashamed to say that I am going to be LOST without access to the internet for however many days. I'm honestly depressed about it. But hey, what can I do.
Borrowing my mom's laptop for tonight.

Today was our Fall Festival at work. The kids loved it and the adults did too! The creative women who put it together, totally go all out! They put a lot of hard work and thought into it. Everyone has their good and bad days at their job. Today was a good day. I was proud to work there, with those people and those kids. Kids who I would take a bullet for, any day of the week. I love them.

I am not going to lie though, I am loving that tomorrow is Friday! I need the weekend, BADLY. Especially after this week. I'm excited to get trick or treaters at our new house :) And it's my brother's Birthday on Halloween! Happy Birthday, Bro. :)

See you all in a few days, when we get our computer fixed. Unless, we end up dropping it off the roof in frustration...

Love you Mom, thanks for all you do.


Amber said...

That will likely be her favorite gift of all, since it has such an incredible meaning behind it. I love that you did that for her, and I'm sure she will too. Hoping she can return the favor shortly... :)

Moe said...

Ohmygosh that is so sweet. I'm sure the woman is going to be so touched by your gift!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... what a thoughtful gift...

you're incredible!

L x